Fear of second birth

How to cope with the fear of second birth?

Why is a woman afraid?

According to experts, in most cases the first birth is more painful and takes more time. All this is due to the fact that in the female body for the first time is the birth activity. In addition, during the first birth, despite the different training and experience of friends, no one can reliably tell about the real sensations during childbirth. This need only be experienced.

In addition, each person has his own individual pain threshold. Thus, everyone feels pain in their own way. Most often, a woman tunes that during the first birth, everything will be fine and not too painful. As a result, the opposite is true. And so the fear of the second birth becomes even stronger than before the first. But in this case so much to fear the second birth does not follow, because, according to the majority of women who have already given birth to two or more children, every subsequent birth is much faster and easier. From the physiological point of view this is explained by the fact that the body of a woman already knows and is ready to go through all the stages of childbirth, and from a psychological point of view, the pregnant woman also knows how to behave, what feelings she will feel and how she can help herself.

Who will help?

We draw your attention to the fact that a close person can help you overcome the fear of second birth. Today, partner births are very popular - when at birth crumbs in the delivery room with you are your favorite person, friend, mother or specially trained specialist who will accompany you in childbirth. When next to you will be someone close, you will feel confident and can count on the support of this person. He will regret you when there will be contractions, and help you choose a comfortable posture, and, sorry for the revelation, if necessary, will take the hand to the toilet and back to the delivery room. In addition, will give water, wipe the sweat from his forehead. All these small, at first glance, little things in the end add up to a useful "help puzzle", and as a result you feel support and support.

Moreover, in the delivery room there may be some medical questions about the introduction of additional medications, and not always a woman who gives birth will be able to "soberly" assess the situation. And in this case, the help of a loved one will come in handy.

Often even doctors themselves are convinced that, that partner births help a woman cope with the fear of childbirth and behave adequately during this process. Sometimes a woman who gives birth does not listen to anyone, except for native people.

Do not forget that nothing shameful and bad is that you are afraid to give birth a second time, absolutely not. This is normal and natural. Because this emotion is caused not only by excitement for one's body, but also by fear for the health of the crumbs.

Also, in the context of finding a solution to the problem of how to overcome the fear of second births, remember that your baby is much more difficult than you. He does not understand what is happening, and it is very difficult for him to "get through" to our world. Often we hear from women that this very argument was the most important and helped to forget about all fears and experiences, set them up, that you do not have to worry, but you have to "work" - give birth.

And: like any woman who has already given birth, you clearly know that pain and unpleasant memories are erased every year, as labor is a natural process. And in five years you really will not remember how it hurt, and what you were afraid of. So down with all the fears and prejudices! Ahead you have a long-awaited meeting with the baby, which will bring to life the meaning, joy and awareness of full happiness!

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