Fetus at 1-4 weeks of pregnancy

Fetus at 1-4 weeks of gestation - weight and size of the fetus, photo

When does spotting appear during pregnancy? How to react to this? What are they threatening? Let's try to understand the question.

In the early stages - the norm

The appearance of bloody discharge from the vagina during pregnancy can have several causes. And they depend on the period of pregnancy. For example, monthly in the first month are much more frequent. This phenomenon is safer than in the second half of pregnancy. The cause in this case may be a small detachment of the endometrium on the days of the cycle, when the woman was expecting menstruation, if she had not become pregnant. Sometimes it happens that such a modest bleeding "confuses" a woman, and she can not understand that she is already pregnant. And the test in this case is not always positive. At this time, the doctor may notice an enlarged uterus, an ultrasound can show a fetal egg, a blood test for hCG can be positive.

You should know that 4, 8, 12, 16 weeks can be the most dangerous in terms of bloody discharge and miscarriages. But it's not monthly! When small, "dirty" discharge appears, you need to see a doctor.

Necessarily with abundant discharge should lie in bed. That is, be in a horizontal position to avoid miscarriage. After all, such discharge can be a symptom of its onset.

Perhaps an ectopic?

It is possible that the cause of small secretions is an ectopic pregnancy. Usually, in this condition, a woman experiences severe pain in the lower abdomen, in the appendages. And for this reason, pregnant women also need to be especially attentive to the secretions during the period of bearing the baby. The appearance of blood from the vagina is often associated with a detachment of the embryo or a rupture of the organ into which the fertilized egg was implanted.

In the second half of pregnancy, such a bleeding can even lead to a loss of blood and the death of the child. It occurs because of placental abruption. In such cases, a woman is treated permanently, and her chances of success depend on the timeliness of starting treatment, on immunity.

Abundant bleeding during pregnancy should always alarm the woman. I need to call an ambulance right away. When the discharge is minor, go to the doctor. After all, it is important not to let the condition of the uterus tone, not to panic and move as little as possible in this state. Preparations of the first pre-hospital care can be "No-Shpa" and "Papaverina hydrochloride" in the form of candles.

The constant hormonal background of a pregnant woman today is quite rare. Therefore, in some women, menstrual periods can go for 3-4 months during pregnancy. But these are exceptions to the rules! And in such cases, you need constant monitoring of the doctor.

The cause of false monthly may be an insufficient amount of the hormone progesterone. He enters the body of a woman, to ensure the normal and healthy development of the future child. A little of the hormone is a protective reaction in the form of bloody discharge.

Also, their cause may be hyperandrogenia, that is, an increased amount of male hormone, which causes a detachment of the fetal egg. As a rule, timely treatment eliminates the problem.

Fetal malformation, not developing pregnancy can provoke the appearance of & bdquo; monthly & rdquo; . To eliminate the threat of termination of pregnancy, too, treatment is necessary.

Future mothers should be aware that dubious and unusual discharge from the vagina, including bloody ones, should be the reason for contacting a doctor.

Be attentive to your condition, because any deviations in your situation are a "signal" of anxiety.

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