Fitball for pregnant women

Exercises on the fitball for pregnant women - the first, second and third trimester

Fitball exercises for pregnant women in the first trimester

So, Do not stop taking gymnastics with the beginning of pregnancy if you used to do them in the morning. A fitbol for this will serve as a good helper. We offer a complex for expectant mothers at a small pregnancy:

Exercise number 1. Slopes. Sit on the ball and put your feet on the width of the shoulders, toss the toes apart. On the inspiration, lean to the right, while simultaneously lifting an elongated hand over your head. The same, repeat the other way, balancing on the ball. Do not tilt too deeply. To do this for the beginning, this exercise should be 4 times left and right.

Exercise # 2. Rounds. Sit on the fitball and hold it with your hands behind. On inhalation, slowly roll down, keeping balance, and return to the starting position.

Exercise # 3. Rolling of the fitball. Lay down on the floor, Place your feet on the ball. Slowly push the ball forward and return it back. Exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles.

Exercise # 4. Stand on your knees, and lay your chest on the fitball. Lean your hands on the floor. Lean forward, moving the ball with your chest and helping yourself with your hands. Return to the starting position.

Exercise # 5. Torso rotations. Sit on the floor in Turkish, and keep the ball above the head on outstretched hands. Move the body clockwise, then do the same counter-clockwise. Do not bend your arms, keep your posture.

Exercise number 6. Rolling the ball. Sit on the floor. Put one foot on the fitball. Roll the ball one by one to the feet. At the same time, you can lean your hands behind to keep your balance.

Exercises for pregnant women in the second trimester

In the second trimester of pregnancy, you can perform the same exercises, gradually increasing the load and listening to your health. We also offer options for other exercises:

Exercise No. 1. Sit deep on the fitball and put your hands on your shoulders. Alternately, stretch forward each hand, moving slightly and the ball forward, the back while it should remain straight.

Exercise number 2. Sitting on fitbole, stretch your arms out to the sides. Take them back, trying to maximally reduce the shoulder blades and slightly bending back.

Exercise number 3. Sit on the ball, legs spread on the sides, hands lean against the ball. Lean in the sides to the maximum, balancing with your hands and feet.

Exercise # 4. Lay down on the floor, put your feet on the fitball completely, as if hugging the ball. Tilt your legs to the sides while holding the ball. The angle of rotation should not be large.

Exercise # 5. The starting position, as in the previous exercise. Take your legs one by one and put them back on the ball. Again, the leg angle should not be large in order to avoid stomach tension.

Fitball exercises for pregnant women in the third trimester

In the third trimester, you should be especially attentive to your health. Perhaps, the complex of exercises and do not need to perform every day, but it is desirable that the classes were regular. As an option - reducing the number of exercises performed. Here are some of them:

Exercise number 1. Sit on the fitball and just breathe a little superficially, like a dog.

Exercise number 2. Sitting on the ball, keep your arms outstretched. Perform alternate turns of the body to the left and right, with the backrest held straight.

Exercise # 3. Sit comfortably on the fitball. Cut and relax the muscles of the vagina.

Exercise number 4. Stand up straight, put one foot on the fitball. Make light circular motions with your foot with the ball. Change your legs. You can stick your hand for support.

Exercise number 5. Take the fitball in straight hands, lift it over your head, slightly behind your back. In this case, alternately set your legs back.

So, simple exercises on fitball during the carrying out of crumbs will help you to keep in shape and prepare for childbirth. Do not be lazy, and at the same time listen to your body.

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