Fitness after birth

Fitness after birth - when and where to start

When can I do fitness after childbirth?

Just want to warn you that it will not be possible to lose weight quickly after birth. Pregnancy is a serious test for the body, due to a lack of vitamins and minerals, hormonal changes and other changes. Therefore, the recovery period will take at least six months, or even more. Sharp weight loss at this time is not only unlikely, but also harmful. You may lose metabolism, disappear milk, and have health problems.

Usually doctors are allowed to exercise 5-6 weeks after the birth of the child, if the birth was natural and without complications. Women who survived cesarean section, to begin to exercise can only be 8 weeks after the birth of the baby. But even here it is important to understand that lifting weights and exercising too hard will not be useful. The best physical culture after delivery is intensive walking, walking. The more you walk with the baby, the faster you will return to the form.

If you ran before the birth of the baby, then after the birth you can safely return to your training. Of course, in the case of caesarean section, it is necessary to wait for the full healing of the suture. If three weeks after the birth of the child you feel excellent, then you can easily practice easy jogging. At the same time, the load should be minimal, so that your body adapts to a new way of life.

What kind of fitness suits young mothers?

Doing sports after giving birth is good for everyone. They help not only to lose excess weight, but also to develop the so-called pleasure hormones - endorphins. It is the presence of this hormone that helps to cope with postpartum depression. One month after the birth, you can start practicing yoga, aerobics, pilates, shaping or other types of fitness.

Do not be discouraged if you do not have the opportunity to leave the baby with the nanny. It is not necessary to go in for sports at the fitness club. Organize yourself a workout at home, using the Internet with video courses for this is quite simple. Even if you have a lot of home worries, every new mother is able to find 15 minutes a day for doing gymnastics. In addition, today leading fitness trainers have developed many lessons where a woman can exercise with a baby in her arms.

When can I pump the press after delivery?

It's no secret that after the birth of the baby the shape of the abdomen becomes more rounded, and the skin on it is flabby and inelastic. Therefore, most young mothers are wondering: when can I start to swing the press to restore the ideal shape of this part of the body? If two months after the birth of your gynecologist will allow you to play sports, then you can safely start classes. That's only the first exercises should not take place at an intense pace. Starting to swing the press is best on the fitball, to reduce the burden on the spine. Also do not forget about such simple exercises as twisting. Combine strength exercises with aerobics, that is, walk daily outdoors at a fast pace.

But you can swim in the pool after a month or two after the birth. Aqua aerobics is considered one of the best ways to bring yourself to tone, because water is the most unique simulator, which loads all muscles. In addition, you can go to the pool with a child, accustoming him to swimming from early childhood. For this sport classes will be effective three times a week.

As you can see, you can play sports under any circumstances. At the same time choose the kind of physical exercise that is right for you. So we wish you wonderful results!

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