Furagin during pregnancy

Furagin in pregnancy - instructions for use, feedback

Briefly about the preparation

Furagin - a strong antibacterial drug that is used to treat infectious diseases of the urinary tract. You should know that this antimicrobial agent is prescribed to fight a large number of pathogens. Features of the metabolism of this drug make it possible to treat them with cystitis, pyelonephritis and ureteritis. The effectiveness of Furagin is high, and the advantage of using other medicines is that microbes do not acquire resistance to it.

Furagin: indications and contraindications

The indications and contraindications of this drug have their own characteristics. In addition to the treatment of urinary tract infections, it is also used to eliminate complications after operations on the organs of the urinary system. Contraindications to the use of this drug are violations of kidney and liver function, increased sensitivity to the components of the drug, lactation and its use for treatment of children up to one year.

Furagin has unpleasant side effects: nausea, decreased appetite, vomiting, impaired liver function. In addition to the effects on the part of the gastrointestinal tract, there may be dizziness, polyneuritis, urticaria and skin itching.

Can Furagin during pregnancy

Pregnant women are interested in whether this drug can be used to treat infections of the genital tract. The answer is simple: you can not!

According to some reports, Furagin is relatively safe for pregnant women, but no specific scientific research has been carried out on this subject. After all, this medicine is used only in the countries of the former Soviet Union and some Eastern European countries. Unfortunately, we do not have money for research, which can have a negative result for the manufacturer. It's just not profitable. And the main reason for the lack of specific data on the influence of Furagin on pregnancy is the ban by international agreements on research and experiments with future mothers. Which of them will risk the health of the child?

Instructions for use Furagina informs that it can not be used during pregnancy.

Cystitis is a fairly frequent companion of pregnancy, but there are other drugs that recommend it to treat future mothers. To do this, you need to turn to your gynecologist and not to engage in self-medication.

Given that side effects of drug use are vomiting and nausea, it will be difficult to determine whether this is a side effect or toxicosis.

So, Furagin pregnant women should not be taken, because there are safe alternative drugs for the treatment of urinary tract infections. These drugs are effective in the period of gestation, but they should be prescribed only by a doctor, taking into account the individual characteristics of the course of pregnancy. He will also inform about the dosages.

Today, many pregnant women generally refuse to take medicines during the bearing of the child. They prefer long-proven and safe recipes for traditional medicine. This is the right of every future mother. But one should not ignore the recommendations of the attending physician, who, like you, is interested in the physiological course of pregnancy and the successful delivery of his patient.

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