Green discharge during pregnancy

Causes of green discharge during pregnancy

But we are talking only about semitransparent discharge, which does not bring any future mum any discomfort. However, doctors say that the discharge during pregnancy can normally be of a variety of colors and shades, so long as you do not experience any itching, burning, or excessive moisture, or other unpleasant and suspicious sensations.

However, we all know, that discharge with bloody impregnations and frankly bloody is not a good sign. And in this case, you need to urgently consult a doctor. To "bad" include green discharge during pregnancy. But we hasten to reassure you: even these do not always pose a threat to you and the baby.

However, if you notice yourself green or any other color (gray, yellow) with a greenish highlight, you should go to the doctor as early as possible. The fact is that this is one of the signs of inflammation or infection of the genital tract. Especially if the green discharge is accompanied by other symptoms: itching, burning.

The reason can be very different: vaginal dysbiosis (if the smelling greens are exfoliated by the films), sexually transmitted disease (if the discharge is bubbling, yellow or green colors). When acute infection in the vagina can also be allocated abundant greenish mucus. If the allocation is poor, then there are suspicions of a bacterial infection. Inflammation in the ovaries or fallopian tubes can also be accompanied by green discharge.

It even happens that a sick thrush is accompanied by secretions of a greenish shade. If the green mucus from the vagina you have appeared after taking antibiotics, it indicates a violation of the microflora of the vagina. It's okay, it's easily adjusted and restored.

In any case, do not panic if you observe something similar in yourself. First, not all infections pose a threat to the fetus and pregnancy. Secondly, any of them can be cured: many medications have now been developed for treatment during pregnancy. Third, it is not at all a fact that you have an infection. Do not make sudden conclusions.

In general, the guide to action is this: found suspicious allocation - run to the doctor. He examines you, examines you, takes a smear and, after diagnosis is cured, if necessary. This is by no means the worst thing that can happen in the period of bearing a baby. But without attention, it is also impossible to leave such manifestations. Be healthy and happy!

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