HCG with a stiff pregnancy

The level of hCG with a stiffened pregnancy - growth and dynamics

What is HCG?

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone that appears only during a woman's pregnancy. It is he who helps to identify the presence of pregnancy with a test. The reaction to the presence of the hormone is manifested by two strips on the test. Sometimes (very rarely) hCG may appear in patients with tumors or in the case of prescribing HCG-containing drugs. But it is believed that human chorionic gonadotropin is, in fact, the hormone of pregnant women. His presence in the urine of a woman allows early diagnosis of an interesting position of a woman with sensitive tests. Thus, the hormone is the first and most reliable signal of pregnancy.

HCG is present only in a progressive pregnancy. This is because the child grows, develops, its shell produces the above hormone. If the fetus develops slowly, the level of hCG will be low and in this case the test can show a negative result for a long time.

You can detect it in the blood already from the second week of pregnancy. Increases hCG every two days. This hormone is excreted through urine.

Hormone as a diagnosis of pathology

Anembrion is a frozen pregnancy. Such phenomena occur in connection with the cessation of development of the fetal egg. Diagnoses of anembrionia are statistically made by 15% of pregnant women. And to reveal the frozen pregnancy it is possible just with the help of hCG. For this, a pregnant woman must pass a blood test. It is better to do this twice in the same medical laboratory in order to avoid mistakes. The gap between the surrender should be 2 days. After the second analysis, the doctor may prescribe additional studies.

If the fetus is frozen, then in most cases the hCG level decreases. How quickly this happens depends on the female body, its metabolisms, because there is an ordinary destruction of the hormone.

When a doctor finds a violation of hCG growth, a woman's pregnancy is considered pathological. It is possible that the fruit is still alive, but there is a big threat of termination of pregnancy. In such a situation, a woman is prescribed ultrasound diagnosis to find out the cause.

Doctors emphasize that when the pregnancy is stopped, the level of hCG is not always rapidly reduced. Sometimes this level is simply in one place. In exceptional cases, hCG may even increase slightly with a frozen pregnancy.

Although the "behavior" of the hormone hCG is not always an accurate indicator of a frozen pregnancy, in obstetrics are guided by this analysis. Do not neglect them, and the final diagnosis your doctor will put only after a number of other studies.

The diagnosis of anembrionia is always associated with shock, with the experiences of a woman and her loved ones. As a rule, in this situation, representatives of the weaker sex begin to think, that they can no longer have children. But this is far from the case.

Even if you are marred by such a fate, the happiness of motherhood is yet to come. After all, 90% of women who had a dead pregnancy in the past, in the subsequent give birth to healthy and strong babies. So the next "meeting" with HCG on the strip of the test will necessarily go to the stage of the normal course of pregnancy.

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