Heel hurt during pregnancy

Hearts hurt during pregnancy - the causes of appearance and treatment

Some future mothers would not even have thought that such phenomena are observed not only by themselves. Nevertheless, this is so: many painful women complain of pain in their limbs.

What can it be?

In general, pain in the legs among pregnant women is not considered something out of the ordinary: the center of gravity is redistributed during this period, the weight is constantly increasing - and fragile female legs do not withstand such metamorphosis. And also swelling can appear, especially in late pregnancy.

But why does pain arise in the heels? And such that no step on them, nor walk impossible. The heels are numb, stony or very sore.

Very many women note the appearance of such pain in the evening, after a long working day. Others feel it in the morning, but after they diverge a little - the pain gradually disappears, again appearing only in the evening. If you are experiencing something like this, then you know: although you can not call such a state an absolute norm, but it is quite enough for many women who are expecting a child.

One of the most probable reasons that the heels hurt during this period is the same shift of the center of gravity. By the way, complaints about the appearance of pain in refusal of shoes with high heels are not uncommon: as soon as a woman switches to "low" shoes after wearing "high" for a long time, such a sign may show itself. This is due to the redistribution of weight.

Naturally, overweight during pregnancy can also "give in the heels." Wearing a heavy burden is not easy, and the biggest load can fall on this part of the foot.

Probable causes of pain in the heels include also puffiness: make sure that the body does not retain liquid - this is extremely undesirable in general for the condition of the fetus and the mother.

However, some doctors believe that severe pain in the heels can not be ignored - and in this case, you should immediately seek medical help. This symptom can be a signal of serious violations. In particular, pain often gives in the heels of varicose veins. Another common cause of pain in the heels - the so-called "spurs" (the formation of salt deposits). If the pain gives in the heels just when walking, then cardiac causes (it is better in this case to check the work of the heart) is possible.

How to heal a heel pain?

At home, the foot baths with cool water will help ease the pain: they perfectly relieve fatigue in the legs and remove swelling. In the water, you can add a generous handful of salt or soda, and after the procedure take a horizontal position, putting your feet on a hill. It's great if the husband or another person close to you does a heel massage: it helps with spurs, and just like that.

Avoid prolonged lying on the legs: walks should be comfortable, and standing in lines is generally counter-indicative!

As for shoes, the pain in the legs very often arises precisely because of it: during pregnancy, as, however, at any other time, on comfortable quality physiological shoes you can not save. Today in specialized stores there is a wide selection of different brands. You may need orthopedic insoles for shoes.

If pain persists, then to consult with a doctor on this issue is absolutely necessary. He at least will recommend you an effective ointment to relieve the condition. With the same purpose it is possible to apply alcoholic tincture of pine nuts and other recipes of traditional medicine.

Finally, I want to note that the pain in the heels - not the worst thing that you have to endure a woman, nurturing your baby. But, like many other things, it often disappears after birth as suddenly as it appeared, or after a certain period of time. Unless, of course, it is not associated with any diseases such as thrombophlebitis.

Take care of yourself!

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