High blood pressure in late pregnancy

Causes and treatment of high blood pressure in late pregnancy

Than the pressure in pregnancy is dangerous

When pregnancy, its indices should be not lower than 100/60 and not higher than 140/90. You should be aware that an increase in blood pressure threatens future mothers after the age of 35; having problems with excess weight; prone to hormonal disorders; who had miscarriages and signs of hypertension in past pregnancies. Threatens hypertension in the late term for women with thyroid problems, adrenal glands, diabetes mellitus.

Increase the pressure of the brain injury in the past, encephalitis, myelitis, other ailments that lead to a change in the tone of the vessels. Diseases of the heart and kidneys also contribute to hypertension in the late gestation of the baby.

Increasing blood pressure by 8-9 months of pregnancy can be a sign of pathological conditions. And his doctors connect, first of all, with gestosis. The phenomenon is a complication, which is manifested by fluid retention in the body, edema, the appearance of protein in the urine. It should be noted that the usual arterial hypertension from gestosis can not be easily differentiated.

With a regular increase in blood pressure, the vascular tone increases. This, in turn, is fraught with a violation of blood circulation in the placenta and can cause significant damage in the development of the fetus.

Increased blood pressure in addition to headache, noise in the ears can cause nasal bleeding, fainting. And this is already an alarming signal and an occasion for an immediate appeal to the observing obstetrician-gynecologist.

What should I do with high pressure in a pregnant woman?

First of all, you need to monitor it regularly. It is desirable to have an electronic tonometer at home. This device is convenient to use, it is accurate, preserves the memory of the results of past measurements and allows them to compare, monitor the dynamics of the prescribed therapy.

If there is a predisposition to high arterial pressure, the expectant mother should know what can be reduced at home without resorting to the use of medicines. So, if it increases slightly, then normalize it will help:

  1. Cranberry juice. It is a drink rich in vitamin C. It has an easy diuretic effect. It is necessary to wash a third of the glass of berries, squeeze out the juice from them. Cake from cranberries should be poured a glass of boiling water, leave on low heat to boil for 2-3 minutes. After completely cooling down, everything is set and poured into the previously prepared juice, mixed. Sugar in such a drink is not desirable, and a little honey - you can.
  2. Hypotensive juices. They lower blood pressure. This is birch sap, which is recommended in the morning for the prevention of blood pressure increase. A good hypotensive property is also beetroot. It is recommended to drink it by & frac12; glasses twice a day before meals. The juice must be freshly prepared.
  3. Pumpkin broth. Prepare 200 grams of pumpkin, cut it into small pieces, cook over low heat until completely softened, pivot on a sieve. Cool down. On a glass of medicinal liquid, add a teaspoon of honey. Drink such a decoction in the morning and in the evening to prevent the increase in blood pressure.
  4. Infusion of Kalina. It is necessary to take fresh berries in the amount of two tablespoons, knead, pour a glass of boiling water, to withstand 15-20 minutes. To drink this remedy it is necessary at the raised pressure on a glass.

With frequent increases in blood pressure, a woman must consult a doctor. It is better not to refuse hospitalization if the doctor offers it. Do not risk your health on the eve of childbirth.

Experts, first of all, will find out the reason for the increase in blood pressure. Then the doctors take measures that depend on the degree of pressure increase, the presence of chronic diseases in the future mother, the presence of other complications of pregnancy. Usually, women are prescribed a bed rest, prescribe safe hypotensive drugs, put droppers.

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