Homocysteine ??when planning pregnancy

Homocysteine ??in the planning of pregnancy - the norm and pathology

Briefly about homocysteine ??

This is an amino acid that is formed by processing methionine. The level of homocysteine ??in the blood of a person during life increases. However, in pregnancy there is a tendency to decrease it, which occurs in the first and third trimesters. The intrauterine development of the unborn child and the placental circulation depend on this substance. That is why it is so important to know how much homocysteine ??is contained in the body of a woman at the stage of pregnancy planning. This will allow further monitoring of its increase and decrease, if necessary, take appropriate measures, doing it in a timely manner.

The female body produces homocysteine ??from consumed food, in particular from foods rich in protein and B vitamins.

Medical data indicate that the rate of homocysteine ??at the stage of pregnancy planning is 10-11 ?mol / ml. Why is this indicator so important? There are good reasons for this:

  1. During the gestation period of the child, the level of the above substance decreases for all expectant mothers. This is the norm. That's why at the time of conception, you need to take care of its compliance with the norm.
  2. If, at the planning stage, the substance level is raised or lowered, then it can later appear on the placental circulation.
  3. If the level of homocysteine ??deviates from the norm, the doctor can recommend a special diet or medications. In this way, the indices of this substance are normalized in the body.

On the surrender of homocysteine ??analysis

So, women are offered to go through this research three months before the alleged conception. A gynecologist prescribes a referral to an immunochemiluminescent blood test from a vein. If the patient previously had problems with the level of homocysteine, then it is advisable to pass such an analysis 6 months before the expected conception. It must be prepared in advance to obtain reliable results. The preparation is to exclude fatty foods from the diet one day before the test; do not exercise, exclude intense physical activity; do not eat 8 hours before the test; 30 minutes before him do not smoke.

If these recommendations are followed, the blood test results will be as accurate as possible. As a rule, they are ready in two days. If homocysteine ??is normal, then you can safely plan your pregnancy.

About deviations from the norm

Often the results of the analysis force the doctor to take certain measures. So, with an increased level of homocysteine, first of all, the cause of the deviation is determined. It may be as follows:

  • Deficiency of B vitamins. In this case, a diet with a peach, greens, walnuts, citrus, croup, beef and cod liver, egg yolks will be necessary.
  • Smoking. In this issue, all experts are equally categorical: with a bad habit you must leave.
  • Abuse of coffee. The drink flushes the body of useful substances, and the level of homocysteine ??rises.
  • Low physical activity. Representatives of intellectual professions doctors recommend to go in for sports.

A low level of homocysteine ??is less dangerous than an elevated one. Conception is not hampered by the further carrying of a healthy child, too. But if the level of the substance is 4, 1 ?mol / ml and lower, this can affect the woman's health during pregnancy. In such cases, doctors usually recommend that women move less during the planning phase and drink a cup of coffee in the morning.

So, it is the increase in the level of homocysteine ??in the body of a woman who is preparing for pregnancy, can be a risk factor. Therefore, it is so important to bring it back to normal.

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