How is the uterus restored after delivery

How and how much is the uterus restored after delivery?

How is the uterus contraction?

In gynecology, there is the concept of the postpartum period. It determines the time that is necessary for the body to recover and come into its former form after the birth of the baby. Usually, This process will take at least 2 months.

Most of the time you need to return to the old form, the internal organ - the uterus. Because in the usual state the uterus weighs no more than 50 grams, and immediately after birth - one kilogram! It is noteworthy that immediately after the birth of the baby the uterus begins to contract and decrease in size. This process is greatly facilitated by breastfeeding. Therefore, it is so important that the baby is applied to the mother's breast as quickly as possible, because as soon as the newborn begins to suck the breast, the hormone oxytocin will be released in the body, which helps the uterus to rapidly contract.

In addition, today many maternity hospitals use intravenous or intramuscular injection of a medical product, the main active ingredient of which is oxytocin. It is this hormone that perfectly stimulates the smooth musculature of the uterus and, thus, helps to reduce it.

Gynecologists explain that the administration of this hormone helps to prevent uterine bleeding that may occur as a result of childbirth. Since during the appearance of the baby the uterus in the woman not only increases in size, but also undergoes a strong "test". And in the first hours after childbirth, she looks like a large open wound. Therefore, the task of doctors is to use all the necessary measures to ensure that the uterus is reduced correctly. If a woman is against the use of this medication, then this issue must be discussed with the doctor before giving birth.

In addition to the introduction of drugs often in the delivery room, the young mother is put on the stomach a cold water bottle and recommends that as often as possible and longer lie on her stomach.

How to help?

It is worth noting that the process of recovery of the uterus after childbirth is a bit painful. When this organ begins to actively contract, the woman feels the cutting pains in the lower abdomen, which are somewhat like fights. Many mothers who have given birth have already noted that after the second and third kinds of pain, with a decrease in the uterus, they increase severalfold. Sometimes they are so strong that a woman has to take pain medication. But provided that the uterus shrinks correctly, and the young mother feeds the baby with the breast - literally after each feeding the pain subsides. Thus, just one week after delivery, the uterus is reduced in size by half, and the woman feels much better. Approximately two months later, this organ comes into normal condition.

We emphasize that sometimes there are cases when the uterus is very poorly restored after childbirth. Danae anomaly is often associated with the fact that a woman during pregnancy had difficulties, there is fibromioma or pregnancy was prolific. In such cases, young mothers are prescribed additional treatment, sometimes physiotherapy with ultrasound, which can speed up the process of contraction of the uterus, produce an anesthetic effect.

To reduce the uterus, you can also resort to the use of folk remedies. For example, brew a glass of boiled water 2 tablespoons of dry leaves of nettle and drink half a cup three times a day. Remember, that you can use this method after consulting a doctor, especially if a woman is breastfeeding.

Another important aspect for creating the right conditions for contraction of the uterus is compliance with personal hygiene rules. In addition, a woman after childbirth needs to move as much as possible. Normal walking allows you to improve blood circulation in the organs. At the same time, it is necessary to eat well and fully rest to help the body recover from childbirth.

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