How to breathe properly during birth

How to breathe properly during birth

How does breathing affect delivery?

Specialists are sure that the right breathing in labor is the key to rapid delivery. It helps a woman and facilitate this process, and accelerate it. After all, such breathing helps to relax the future mother, is aimed at the fact that the diaphragm helps the delivery. The woman is concentrated on the breathing technique, thinks less about pain - and the cervix opens faster. Breathing helps to supply the body with oxygen, which helps to contract muscles and at the same time saturates the baby. Thus, it is easier for him to bear the stressful period of his birth.

And although we are all born with an unconditioned respiratory reflex, the future mother needs to learn a special breathing technique. This means that it should be learned in advance, to train in advance. It is for this purpose that schools for expectant mothers and courses for pregnant women are established. The main goal of teaching proper breathing during labor is the ability to control your exhalation and inhalation.

Learning to breathe properly

So, remember: each period of the generic process has its own breathing technique. When a woman is going to the hospital, the bouts, as a rule, are still weak. They do not bring special pains and severe discomfort. At this time, a woman can still do her own thing. We need anDo not think about the impending pain, pull yourself together.

Then the bouts become regular, that is, they appear at regular intervals. Very often in the prenatal ward, ladies simply slow down their births, fleeing from pain and pinching their muscles. This leads to the need for rhodostimulation, because the cervix weakly opens. And it is necessary that the future mother maximally relaxed, imagined in her imagination, how she opens like a flower - and then the birth will pass faster.

If pain intensifies, then anesthesia should be started with breathing. When there is a fight, you need to inhale, counting to four, and breathe out slower, counting to six. So the fruit will get much more oxygen. For distraction from pain, some doctors suggest that a woman look at her watch. They hang them in front of her, that the pregnant woman counted the time of each contraction and the gaps between them. This is called the technique of the second dominant - the switching of attention. Thus, the "busy" woman is not clamped, the pain is easier to bear.

When the contractions start to increase, the previous breathing technique is replaced by another, breathing "dog-like". First, without five minutes, mommy breathes slowly, and when the pain reaches the peak, you need to breathe superficially and quickly, like a breathless dog.

It is very important to relax in the intervals between contractions. At this time, you should relax as much as possible. In the case of childbirth partner, husband or other close person should distract the pregnant woman. Sometimes it happens that in the intervals between contractions a woman can even fall asleep, and when the next fight begins, she will wake up.

The most difficult and painful period of labor is considered to be the lowering of the child's head, when the neck is not fully open. Contractions at this time are strong, attempts begin that ease the pain. But you can not push yourself during this period, because there may be gaps, and it is difficult to resist tugging. And then the pregnant woman is helped by different poses, for example on all fours. So pressure on the crotch decreases and pain decreases.

When the period of fetal expulsion starts, it is about the correct birth of a child, and then the role of mommy increases significantly. With each fight, it must press three times, gaining air and releasing it into the pelvic area. The head should be lowered to the chest with the beginning of the bout, pushing down, and not in the face, as the result of this will be bursting blood vessels.

At the time of the birth of the baby, the woman should listen to the midwife. You should not push after the head exit, but you can rest. One time to strain should be to remove the baby's shoulders, then - for the birth of the afterbirth.

So, the generic process is rather complicated and important. He needs preparation, a responsible approach from the future mother. After all, the birth of a healthy child depends on it. Therefore, the willpower and ability to concentrate on right breathing, overcoming pain, is a very important task. Do not forget that your main assistants are a doctor and an obstetrician. Listen to them and follow the instructions. Easy and safe for you!

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