How to calm nerves during pregnancy

How to calm nerves during pregnancy

Phytotherapy for expectant mothers

For expectant mothers, most pharmacy sedatives are taboo. Especially if it is a question of alcohol tinctures of herbs or hypnotic preparations. It is safest with nervous excitability to brew fees from such herbs: 2 parts of the motherwort, oregano, marshweed, 1 part sage, hawthorn fruit. A tablespoon of the mixed formula is poured with one glass of boiling water, it is infused for 20-25 minutes, it is planted and used for 1/2 cups twice a day.

Calms and removes the headache infusion from the collection of such herbs: hop cones, valerian root, peppermint leaves, taken in equal proportions.

If the pregnant woman is unduly anxious and does not sleep well, it is recommended to take equal proportions of chamomile, mint, fennel fruits, valerian root. Ten grams of collection is poured with 200 grams of boiling water and after 30 minutes of infusion filter.

An infusion of leaves from the motherwort and valerian is a gentle hypnotic property, which is recommended to be taken 30 minutes before going to bed.

In addition to herbal medicine, the nerves of pregnant women soothe aromatherapy very well. And then you need to focus on the preferences of a pregnant woman. Peppermint, melissa, lavender - essential oils of these herbs for an hour or two before sleeping in the aromatic lamp will help improve the female sleep. You can also include it in the afternoon to prevent irritability.

Behavior of close

A pregnant woman needs understanding and patience of loved ones as no one else needs. Her reactions sometimes surprise, outrage and do not find understanding among relatives. Therefore, the calmness of pregnant women is their support and condescension. If the future mother is nervous, dissatisfied with something, then you need to go to her meeting and give in, soften the aggressive impulse with a joke or silence. Women in the situation often need to say compliments. This is a kind of prevention of aggression. Be gentle with the pregnant woman in conversations and conversations.

Never say such phrases in communication with her:

  1. "Calm down and do not make the child nervous".
  2. "Do not cry, do not cry."
  3. "You come up with problems on an equal footing".
  4. "There is nothing complicated in pregnancy, everyone gives birth and you are not an exception."
  5. "You have recovered greatly, you look like a bun."
  6. "You have become unbearable and capricious, like a child."

Forget all negative expressions about the future mother and especially if it concerns her appearance. God forbid saying that she is fat.

Never tell her about tragic cases with children, pregnant women who heard from someone on TV. She should not worry about such occasions and project other people's problems on her own or feel emotionally emotionally at the victims. A pregnant woman is monstrously impressionable, she does not need stress.

Do not tell the future mother that she did something wrong in the house, do not criticize. Otherwise, only you will be worse. Even if she is to blame, forgive and for her attacks of aggression temporarily get used to.

Almost all pregnant women experience a lot of stress on their legs. Therefore, a soothing remedy will be a massage of the legs and feet. A woman will never give up on this, calm down and will be grateful to you. And in the process of the massage itself, let her speak out, let her cry, complain about life. At this time you better keep quiet and listen, agree with everything, nod your head. And then the storm of emotions will be replaced by a quiet conversation, tranquility after relaxation.

More often include in the house your favorite music pregnant, be interested in its state of health, finding for a phone call a minute or two times a day. Plan a joint weekend, be interested in the wishes of a future mother.

Calm of the pregnant woman is the patience, support and wisdom of her loved ones.

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