How to cause childbirth independently

How to cause childbirth independently at home

At the same time, if the baby has "stayed" with his mother in the tummy and is not going to travel to a new world, with the consent of the doctor, natural stimulation methods can be applied and try to induce births on their own. Of course, to apply one or several natural stimulation methods in practice, one should receive a "blessing" for that specialist.

So, you can start stimulation only if the cervix is ??ripe for childbirth. In addition, a decision on the stimulation of labor can be made if: there is a Rhesus conflict and the antibody titer increases; placental abruption occurs; there is a discharge of amniotic fluid without the subsequent onset of labor. As for methods of stimulation of labor by a medicamentous method - this is the task of doctors. But is it possible and how to cause childbirth independently?

Method # 1: Sex

So to say, the combination of "pleasant with useful" sex can be an acceptable way to stimulate childbirth. The fact is that during orgasm there is a contraction of the uterus, which can serve as the beginning of fights. In addition, the male sperm contains special substances of prostaglandins that promote ripening and softening of the cervix. And to everything, sex also provokes the production of oxytocin in the body - the one by which the stimulation of labor is carried out in the hospital, but by means of a dropper.

Do not resort to such a method of stimulation of labor in the event that a low location or placenta previa is diagnosed. In the case, if the partner has some kind of sexual infection, it is necessary to use a condom to avoid infection to the fetus. And more: it is necessary that physical intimacy is practiced "under the sign" of tenderness and caution, excessive activity is unacceptable, as it can cause premature detachment of the placenta - a condition that threatens the health and life of the child.

Method number 2. Nipple massage

You can try to make birth by applying a nipple massage. It is believed that during the massaging of the nipples in the body, intensive production of oxytocin occurs. Especially since the "right" massage of such a sensitive area of ??the body can even hold daddy - lips during physical intimacy. But nevertheless, by and large, it does not matter who is a woman alone or a man - will "cause childbirth", massaging nipples. The main thing: massage should be gentle, and movements - cautious, not to admit traumas of nipples and not to give chance to development of a mastitis.

Method # 3. Physical Activity

Can help to bring the child closer to the hard-moderate, forgive the tautology, physical activity. Reinforced, that is, in the form of regular exercises, gymnastic exercises or yoga for pregnant women, long walks. You can quietly carry out a sparing set of squats, it will be useful to climb the stairs with the ignoring of the elevator. But, at the same time, physical activity should be "metered": weighting, overstrain is unacceptable, since it can cause placental abruption.

Method # 4. Folk methods

In the "list" of folk methods of stimulation of childbirth, you can meet recommendations for eating foods in which there is beet and parsley. According to folk medicine, you can cause childbirth by taking an infusion of raspberry leaves. The effectiveness of this method physicians questioned, but, Nevertheless, popularity does not diminish it.

Accelerate the approach of labor can be tried by reviewing the diet: an increase in the diet of fruits and vegetables is shown. Fiber helps to improve the intestinal motility, which can reduce the contraction of the uterus. With the same purpose, it is possible to apply cleansing enemas with a solution of salt.

Method # 5. Castor oil

A very controversial way to stimulate childbirth, although practiced in due time even by midwives in maternity hospitals, is the ingestion of castor oil. Castor oil is a potent laxative, and intensive purging of the intestine, as is known, leads to active contractions of the uterus. Therefore, it is very likely that the childbirth after receiving castor will begin at the closest time. Only 50 g of castor oil is enough, diluted with orange or apricot juice, in order to accelerate the onset of contractions with a high probability. But, at the same time, you need to know: castor oil in large doses can cause prolonged diarrhea, which increases the risk of dehydration. Therefore, when practicing this method, one should be extremely cautious.

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