How to decide on a second child

How to decide to give birth to a second child?

To begin with, let's pay attention to our ancestors. Surely there was a big family in your family, grandmothers or great-grandmothers. In those days, women gave birth to children, how much God will send, and with great joy. First, in old age will be, who will come to the rescue, and secondly, the children will always have nannies and friends, with whom fun to play. Modern women tend to carefully plan their lives, including the birth of children, so the appearance of a second child is often treated with addiction. So do we need a brother or sister to the eldest?

The second child: for and against

First of all, I would like to note that the birth of a new man must bring joy. Therefore, it is better to decide on a second child, when both parents want it, then any difficulties can be overcome together. When there is no desire, but there is an opinion of others "it is necessary", then there are many arguments proving that it is better to bring up one child, paying all attention to him.

Most modern parents believe, that with the advent of the second baby, love will have to be divided into two, and one of her children will be missed. However, if you ask a question about who is more in love with the mother of a large family, you will receive an answer: with a new baby, the love is doubled, and she loves each child in her own way.

Do not forget that experts advise giving birth a second time in 3-4 years, rewarding the little girl with a sister or brother. During this time, the woman's body is fully restored, and the birth is easier. In addition, you already have experience in caring for the baby, and a small age difference will enable children to become true friends. The older child will always feel responsible for the younger, so your kids will not feel lonely. And it's worth a lot.

How to decide on the birth of a second baby?

As a rule, a stumbling block before planning a brother or sister for the first child is the fear of parents that the elder will begin to show jealousy towards the newborn. You can avoid this by preparing your child for the baby in advance. Explain to the child that you rely on him as a responsible older brother or sister who will help take care of the youngest. This will give the baby significance in his own eyes. In addition, if you correctly distribute the care between two children and attach the elder to the upbringing of the younger, then no jealousy should arise.

The second obstacle to the birth of the second child is the fear associated with sleepless nights. However, do not forget that you are already experienced parents, and the second child can be calm, so care is given much easier. In addition, unless we compare the comfort of an established life with the love of a baby to you?

Mom, who did not manage to build a career after the first decree, also fear that they will lose their jobs, having given birth to a second child. From this situation, you can find a way out, calling for help nannies, grandmothers and relatives, who are coping wonderfully with the baby during your absence.

The material issue is not the least important, and then the birth of the second child is an excellent incentive to seek new opportunities for earnings. Also, do not forget that the state provides the kids financially, so you will still have the necessary maternity capital.

In conclusion of our today's conversation, I would like to note that it is up to you to decide, To give birth to a second child or not, everyone should himself. However, remember that no riches in the world, the career and comfort of established life will not replace the embraces of children's hands and the love of the baby.

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