How to find out, that you are pregnant

How to learn whether pregnant or not, without a test at home?

Unlike our ancestors, we do not need to drink a doubtful origin of drinks and flaunt barefoot on the grass, in order to understand that the pregnancy has come. All that is required of us is to buy a pregnancy test or make an ultrasound. However, even without the traditional diagnosis of pregnancy, many women guess about their "interesting" position for a number of signs. So, if you are wondering: "how to find out if I'm pregnant or not," we will be happy to tell you about the first signs of pregnancy.

How do you know when you're pregnant?

Unusual discharge

The yellowish trace on the panties or a few brownish droplets indicate not the onset of the monthly, but the implantation bleeding, which is the earliest sign of the onset of pregnancy. Usually, After 6-12 days after fertilization, the embryo is attached to the uterine wall, which causes small implantation bleeding. However, we note that this process can occur without isolation.

Increase in basal temperature

The most popular method of determining pregnancy at home is measuring basal temperature. If the basal temperature "keeps" at a mark above 37 degrees for several days, then, most likely, you can be congratulated on pregnancy. The fact is that from the middle of the second phase of the menstrual cycle, the production of the hormone progesterone is reduced, which is responsible for the increase in temperature. But if there is a pregnancy, then the production again resumes. This leads to temperature fluctuations.

Feeling of weakness, increased fatigue

Very often in the first days of pregnancy, many women think that they have caught a cold or got sick. Such weakness can be associated with an increase in temperature and a decrease in immunity, which is quite normal for the "pregnant body". Moreover, a runny nose and cough instead of a mild one - often indicates a pregnancy, rather than a viral illness.

Breast sensitivity

Another most common sign of pregnancy, which appears just a couple of weeks after conception, is the sensitivity of the chest. Breasts can react literally to every touch, hurt and swell. Moreover, darkening of the skin around the halos of the nipples is also a sure sign of pregnancy.

Insomnia or a difficult dream

During pregnancy, many women note that dreams become restless, and you want to sleep most often in the middle of the working day, and not night. Feeling of weakness and weakness are fairly common signs of early pregnancy.

Nausea and changes in taste preferences

Everyone knows that early toxicosis - clearly indicates pregnancy. Therefore, if you suddenly began to react sharply to the smells, in the morning you feel sick and want an unusual meal, then, most likely, you are pregnant.

Pain in the abdomen and lower back

In the early stages of pregnancy, mild back pain, which is of a periodical nature, worries many women. Moreover, even a slight increase in the uterus can cause a feeling of bloating.

Well, finally, the traditional delay in menstruation, in most cases is the reason to confirm a pregnancy with a doctor or using a pregnancy test.

In conclusion, we note that whichever of the above signs is not a confirmation of pregnancy, we wholeheartedly congratulate you on this joyful event. And, of course, we wish you a happy pregnancy and easy delivery.

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