How to get pregnant faster

How you can quickly become pregnant - useful advice and recommendations

What you need to do to get pregnant

By deciding on the readiness to move to the status of "moms and dads", the couple starts to wonder: how quickly to become pregnant? After all, having decided on the goal, I want to reach it as soon as possible. But only in the case when the question of how to become pregnant sooner is better, it should be taken into account that this "faster" should cover at least 2-3 months of preparation. You want the baby to be conceived under the most favorable conditions, and the pregnancy proceeded according to all norms and indications? And, if you still agree to these 2-3 months, then you can begin to discuss how to get pregnant faster and what you need to do for this.

Surveys are necessary

When the decision to conceive a baby is taken definitively and irrevocably, you do not need to postpone your visit to the doctors, and the examination should be done both for the woman and the man. Doctors will help to understand whether there are any health problems at this stage and, if necessary, advise the recommended vitamin-mineral preparations in preparation for pregnancy. It is also worth to visit the dentist - when the crumb already "grows up" in the tummy, do not advise to treat the teeth, it is desirable to solve the "dental" problems, if any, at the stage of pregnancy planning.


Preparing for the conception of a baby, you should reconsider the lifestyle, in the first place - get rid of bad habits in the form of smoking, and even from "irregular" use of alcohol. It is known that nicotine adversely affects the reproductive system of a woman, reducing the likelihood of pregnancy by 30%. Therefore, cigarettes - fight. The same applies to alcoholic beverages, moreover, not only in relation to a woman (alcohol practically kills eggs), but also in the "male" case: alcohol reduces the mobility of spermatozoa and the quality of sperm in general.

A full rest and sleep of at least 8 hours a day - are mandatory when preparing for pregnancy and for "speeding up" its offensive. Normal rest and sleep, firstly, cause normal immunity and good health, and secondly, increase resistance in stressful situations.

Preparing for pregnancy and working to get pregnant faster, and involves physical activity. But concerning women, it is necessary to make a reservation: loads necessarily should be moderate, after all at excessive intensity of playing sports probably negative influence on an ovulation. The best option - aerobic sessions for 30 minutes, for example, walking or running.


A balanced and healthier diet is a prerequisite for successfully and quickly becoming pregnant. No fast food! No semi-finished products! Women who practice a diet, forget about diets! In the diet - useful and "right" products:

more vegetables and fruits, herbs, legumes, cereals, iron-containing foods. For men at the planning stage of pregnancy, meat and fish are useful, nuts - these foods are rich in protein, which positively affects the quality of sperm and motility of spermatozoa. A general recommendation for women and men is the exclusion (or at least the reduction) of consumption of flour and sweet.

General recommendations and small "tricks"

It is widely believed that the most favorable posture for successful conception is the traditional "missionary" posture. However, there is no scientific data on this matter, moreover, in each individual case, a favorable posture may be different. The same can be said about the advice to adopt the "birch" posture after sex. But here are "justified" recommendations about how to be after sexual intercourse, still exist: experts recommend that after sex 10-15 minutes lie down, so that the sperm enters the cervix, and within 2-3 hours it is advisable not to wash and take a shower.

The rule that the number of sexual contacts will determine a successful conception is incorrect: if during ovulation sex can and should be done every night to achieve a result, then at least 3-4 days from sexual intercourse is better abstain. The fact that sperm need to give time to "mature", and the frequency of ejaculation reduces the value of sperm. By the way, for the same purpose (preserving the value of sperm), a man should refrain from wearing narrow trousers and tight underwear, avoid subcooling the pelvic area and do not warm it too much: hypothermia, like heat accumulation, provokes a deterioration in the quality of sperm, spermatozoa.

How to choose time for conception

Calculating the "right days" in which the chances of becoming pregnant are the most important is very important. These days are the days of ovulation, in which a mature egg leaves the "search" of the sperm. Calculate, for which days you have to ovulate, you can use special tests, sold in pharmacies. Or by the old good, proven method - when plotting the basal temperature schedule. Speaking approximately, ovulation occurs 14 days before the end of the menstrual cycle, that is, if the menstrual cycle is 28 days, then the days of ovulation are approximately 13-15th.

It is believed that the positive result in the issue of conception is affected even by the time of the year. The most favorable time is called spring (when the body wakes up with nature) and autumn (when the body is full of strength and energy after the summer season). On the other hand, spring conception occurs against the backdrop of a lack of nutrients in the mother's body, and therefore such a pregnancy will have to be "vitaminized" to a greater extent. In fact, the conception of a child at any time of the year has its advantages and disadvantages - this is what future parents should think in advance. Best of all, if the last months will be at the end of spring - the beginning of summer, then you need to carry less clothes on yourself, and it's not slippery already, and not cold, but also slightly hot, and the baby can be immediately taken out for walking under the sun's rays . But the baby, perhaps, this time is not very pleasant, after all in the summer all friends go on vacations - and to celebrate their birthdays in the future, he will have to visit his grandmother or somewhere on the road. However, in each of the periods you can find its pros and cons.

There are also purely medical recommendations in terms of choosing the best time for planning pregnancy and conceiving a child. Doctors advise, mainly, to harmonize it with taking any hormonal medications, in particular, contraceptives. If a woman used oral contraception (that is, hormonal pills or capsules), or if she used an intrauterine device as protection, then the pregnancy should be planned no earlier than after 2-3 cycles after the removal of the influence of these factors on her body. This time, doctors believe, will be enough to restore the hormonal background and other functions of the future mother's body.

Restoration of the female body before the planning of pregnancy is required and after the birth or breastfeeding of the child, which preceded the expected pregnancy. Gynecologists say that after the last birth, at least two years must pass before the mother's body can recover and gain strength for bearing the fetus and providing it with all vital substances. After delivery by caesarean section, this time interval will be even greater, but at least exactly not less than 2 years. It is also desirable that after the end of breastfeeding, at least 6 months have passed before the mother becomes pregnant again. The same number - six months - and no less have to wait after the abortion, if any, and it does not matter for what reason it happened. If there was a spontaneous abortion or miscarriage, then the factors that caused the termination of pregnancy must be established and eliminated without fail.

Let the grown-up women today give birth more often, but the best biological period for bearing and giving birth is the age from 25 to 35 years. Therefore, it is not worthwhile to delay this decision: remember, with the increase in the female age, all the risks significantly increase.

It is also recommended to plan preparation for pregnancy and conception of the child for the period when any harmful factors will be completely excluded: work in harmful production, too intense busy schedule, debilitating diets, any celebrations or parties that involve disturbance of sleep and rest and a healthy lifestyle in general.

What not to do to get pregnant

Partially the answer to this question has already been given in the above, but we specifically once again focus your attention on what you do not need to do in order to become pregnant.

So, forget about intensive physical exertion, any unbalanced diets, improper and poor nutrition (snacks, fast food, fat-rich and simple carbohydrates food).

In addition to the fact that at the stage of preparation for conception, the baby should be excluded from life alcohol and cigarettes, the taboo is superimposed on medicines, in the first place - antibiotics. Try to protect yourself from any diseases and the need for their treatment during this period. If this is not done, then do not rush to take medication, but first consult a reproductive health expert or apply the safest means of traditional medicine.

It is also desirable to avoid exposure to harmful household chemicals (at least, to refuse intimate cosmetics and phosphate-containing detergents), places where evaporation of varnishes or paints.

In addition, working to quickly become pregnant, you should avoid all stressful and psychologically unfavorable situations: stress can both provoke sexual dysfunction in men, and negatively affect the process of ovulation in women.

And most importantly: under whatever conditions, in any of the periods and when the long-awaited pregnancy has come - do not worry. Enjoy this time in full, because it is really special and will never happen again (well, not with this baby). Wait for your baby with love and impatience and keep these feelings for him for life!

Happiness to you!

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