How to give birth without breaks

How to give birth without breaks and cracks - practical recommendations

Causes and factors of influence on gaps in childbirth

Even in the last century, doctors began to doubt the feasibility of episiotomy - a cut of perineal tissue in order to facilitate the birth of a child. Doctors said that the harm of this manipulation is greater than the gaps in childbirth. But one and the other can be avoided.

About this later, but for now let us become acquainted with the reasons for the appearance of ruptures:

  • Physical training of a woman. Elasticity of the perineal tissues is the basis of the baby's birth without breaks. The lack of such training (physical exercises, massage) is the cause of possible ruptures.

Of course, the elasticity of tissues depends on genetics. After all, little-stretchable skin is inherited by us. And the risks of ruptures increase with premature birth. Although it seems that a child of less weight causes fewer perineal injuries, but in fact it is not. After all, only to 37-38 weeks of the term the elasticity of the perineal tissues rises physiologically, that is, in itself. That's why women, who give birth to large children on time, sometimes do not get ruptures during childbirth. Moreover, such births are treated without cracks!

  • Eating a pregnant woman. It is especially important to monitor the daily diet in the last trimester of pregnancy. Food can increase the elasticity of the perineal tissues in combination with physical preparation. If the future mother will abuse salt, meat products, bakery products, there is no question of increasing the elasticity of tissues.
  • Psychological mood of a pregnant woman. Visualization is a mental representation of a picture of healthy, safe delivery with the birth of a strong child and a good form of mother. A woman should present such a picture every day and thus mentally adjust herself to the fact that the birth will pass well, and not even think about ruptures.
  • The size of the child's head. If the child is large, with a large head, then the risks of ruptures increase, especially if the mother has a narrow pelvis. And in this question it is hardly possible to change anything: the size of the fetus his mother can not influence. How can not affect the speed of the head through the birth canal. With rapid childbirth it is high. And if the birth is not slow, then the appearance of breaks depends largely on the actions of the midwife even with a large fetal head. Her competent guidance of the woman's behavior and accordingly adequacy of the reaction of the latter can reduce the risk of ruptures.

How to reduce the risk of rupture in childbirth

Based on the above, you need to do everything to give birth to a child on time, prepare the crotch with physical exercises and positively adjust to the final outcome. And now more about the preparation of the perineum.

Today, there are different techniques for preventing ruptures during labor, physical exercises to increase the elasticity of the tissues of this zone.

Future moms should also know about the special oil for perineal massage. Usually it is recommended to its patients by experienced doctors. And although the crotch closer to childbirth is itself more elastic, but you can hardly spoil the porridge with oil. Therefore, using oil will only reduce the risk of rupture. If you do not buy special oil, then you can use other types. Perfect for this olive, almond and sesame. These oils can be flavored with a couple drops of aromatic oils: orange, eucalyptus, lemon on your choice.

The procedure for oiling the perineum is best done in the bathroom. You rub the chosen oil with a clean intimate area, lightly massaging it, and wait 15-20 minutes. Then the oil should be removed. To do this, it is recommended to pre-lubricate the crotch area with oatmeal or corn flour, and then rinse with warm water. Do not wash off with scrubs, gels. By the way, Indian women during pregnancy make this procedure daily. If you will oil the crotch at least once a week, then this will also give its effect.

To prevent breaks, you can do and oiling the vagina. However, this procedure should begin already closer to childbirth, about a month. For this, use a melted butter. Before going to bed, you need to take a piece of melted butter, the size of a nut, and insert deeply into the vagina at night. During this time it will impregnate the walls. But such manipulation is not recommended for inflammatory processes with secretions and itching.

Physical preparation of the perineum for childbirth

So, back to the question of gymnastics for the vagina, that is, physical exercises. To increase the flow of blood and nutrition of any muscle of the body, it must be systematically relaxed and strained. Accordingly, to increase the elasticity of the pelvic floor tissues, you need to do intimate special exercises every day. The first three exercises of this gymnastics can be performed in the position that will be most comfortable for you: lying or sitting, standing straight or on all fours. Such exercises will take you a few minutes a day and will give excellent results. They will improve the blood supply to the perineal tissues, increase its elasticity.

Exercises should be repeated 6-8 times:

  • Exercise number 1. Take a comfortable position and in turn relax and strain the muscles of the vagina, anus. You need to tighten them as much as possible, delay for 1-2 seconds and relax. This exercise Kegel, It has excellent efficiency with its regular use before delivery.
  • Exercise # 2 "Bag". Take a comfortable pose, and now imagine that in front of you is a bag with handles. You need to grab her pens with a vagina and try to raise the bag higher, above the floor. Hold the imaginary bag for a couple of seconds, and then put it back. Every time you need to try to raise the bag higher, that is, to strain the muscles of the vagina more, to increase the load on them. Repeat this exercise several times, trying to lift the bag over the floor all the way up.
  • Exercise # 3 "Lift." And again, visualization. Imagine that the vagina is the elevator car. She needs to move up, climbing the floors. Do the muscles of the vagina slow similar compression and ascent. Start the exercise slowly, moving to the uterus up. Then go down, relaxing. At the conclusion of the exercise (stopping the lift), you need to push the vagina outward, using the force of muscles to open it, like an elevator car.
  • Exercise number 4. Become near the chair and lean your hands. Slowly pull up the right leg and then the left leg. You do not need to raise your legs high. You should feel a slight stretch of the inner surface of the thigh and stretching the perineum.
  • Exercise number 5. Plie. Spread your legs wide and slowly squat until your hips are parallel to the floor. Thus the case needs to be kept exactly.
  • Exercise number 6. Widely spread your legs and squat. Hands lean against the floor and slightly spring, lifting the pelvis and hips.

So, there is no need to be afraid of gaps in childbirth. Already now you can begin physical preparation for the process, do exercises and oilings, increase the elasticity of the perineum. Observe all of your doctor's recommendations to avoid premature birth and risk of rupture. Do everything from you and depend psychologically on a positive result. Take care that at birth there was an experienced, competent midwife. It largely depends on it whether you have gaps or cracks.

Easy and right to you birth!

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