How to lose weight after birth

How to lose weight after giving birth to a nursing mother

Lose weight after childbirth - do not "get over" during pregnancy

So, if you are afraid of getting better after giving birth and can not return the old forms, then take care of your weight already in pregnancy time. Is it possible? Completely. Furthermore, it is the "correct" weight gain during pregnancy that will save you further from the painful attempts to lose the stored fat.

If you do not gain weight during pregnancy, this will be an obvious pathology. Think for yourself: in your stomach at the end of pregnancy is a "ball of happiness" weighing more than 3 kg; about 2 liters are the amniotic fluid in which your baby is swimming; One and a half kilograms weighs the "house" of the baby (placenta); the volume of blood increases to 2000 g; at 1, 5 kg more weighs and the uterus; even the mammary glands are added in volumes. Here you gain weight - about 12, 5 kg. By the same logic of things immediately after birth, all the "extra" departs, and the weight returns to normal.

Another thing, if "unplanned" deposits are added to the "planned" 12 kg. From delicious buns and cakes can not give up every woman, especially pregnant. After all, as we have done: you can not refuse pregnant women, you need to eat everything you want, and even for two! Try not to gain weight a couple of extra pounds. That's with them after the birth and will have to lead an active hard struggle.

What should I do? Well, if you want to eat so much for two - eat health, but only the food is right, that is, useful. Certainly your karapuzu will like fruits and vegetables more than fruits and vegetables (and they will be useful), rather than smoked products and sweets. Let's say more: scientists have proved that taste preferences are laid in the uterine period. And you do not want to soon the son or daughter suffered from obesity, (and that's exactly what happens if you teach him to sweat in the womb).

Conclusion: Lose weight after childbirth is needed during pregnancy. To do this, we watch what we eat and how much we eat, we regularly weigh, walk in the open air, do gymnastics and wait for the miracle to appear.

Lose weight after birth: myths and reality

Around the theme of postpartum weight loss is the greatest mystery and misunderstanding. What only do not say mummies, who had to return after the birth of the old forms. Some say: it's easy and simple. Others repeat: it is unreal. Whom to believe? It appears, only to itself.

  • Genes. If your mother after you were born, has recovered and has never returned the previous forms, then this same fate awaits you. Heredity is customary to speak. And can all the same despair and laziness? Yes, it is difficult to fight with genetics, but it is possible! If you have a hereditary propensity to fullness, this does not mean that you need to forget about ideal forms and eat up buns. Simply, perhaps, your ideal forms will differ from the generally accepted, ideal indicators. Genes are not genes, and you just have to watch out for your appearance, for the simple reason that you are a woman!
  • Lactation. And here, too, confusion. At one time, I was told that you will not lose weight until you stop breastfeeding your baby. Today, I encounter women who, fearing to gain extra pounds, completely refuse breastfeeding! What a horror! And yet breastfeeding, it turns out, helps to lose weight! Even during pregnancy, a clever organism made to itself fat reserves, just in case, and now it uses these deposits. To milk was a lot - do not necessarily have cars, because for lactation is responsible not for the stomach, but for the hormone prolactin. The quantity and "quality" of milk depends on its development. Even if you do not eat anything at all - the milk will still flow out of you, if prolactin is actively synthesized, or, conversely, no matter how much you eat - there will not be a drop from the breast if the same prolactin "slows down".
  • Diet. No diets! Neither long, nor emergency, nor the most popular and supposedly harmless. Only a balanced diet will help you to slowly, but confidently achieve the ideal weight. Simple rules: eat often, but little by little, drink a lot of liquids (but not sweet soda), give preference to stews and raw vegetables, fish and meat for a couple, do not forget about sour-milk products, but in a moderate amount, to limit the reception of "harmfulness". Sometimes, changing the principles of nutrition is most difficult, but this is the most reliable and right way to slim for the rest of your life.
  • Physical training. What are you talking about? - Mom will exclaim, who do not have time to sit down for a second. A small child takes all the time and all the strength, but learn from it to benefit from his figure. For example, walking with a stroller, or jogging to the store for pampers. It turns out that an hour of fast walking is replacing three hours of training on the simulator. Here's to you and physical education for weight loss after childbirth. It is not necessary to go to the gym to keep fit. You can just do every day (during the same walk) simple exercises: squats, slopes, jumping rope. You in the postpartum period, even the familiar familiar exercises Kegel useful, or other "pregnant" workouts.


After giving birth, the woman is not fat, but rather feminine and even more attractive. After all, the ideal woman is not the one who weighs 50 kg, but the one whose eyes shine with happiness.

Do not torment yourself if the arrow of the scales stubborn and does not move in the desired direction to the desired marks. They say that the extra two or three kilograms are the kilograms of experience and wisdom that a woman acquires after giving birth.

Love yourself, be loved and soon the issue of losing weight after childbirth will cease to be relevant for you.

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