How to prepare mentally for childbirth

How to prepare mentally for childbirth

For expectant mothers, fear of childbirth and pain is characteristic. After all, for them this is the most important exam, on the outcome of which a new life depends. But fear is a negative feeling. It paralyzes the human will. Therefore, he can not yield. And the fear of unknown pain before it is absolutely meaningless, because it can be much stronger than a woman thinks or is completely fearless. By the way, women-cowards give birth to a heavier burden than those who calmly prepare for any surprises.

The psychological mood of a woman, the realization of the importance of the moment is a belief in oneself and calmness, a double responsibility that must be experienced. It is important, under what conditions the child is born, with what attitude of the mother. And if she is ready to sacrifice herself and suffer pain, suffering, then 90% can be sure of a favorable outcome of childbirth.

Very often, future mothers do not listen to the instructions and requests of the gynecologist during childbirth. And this leads to the need to do additional manipulation to extract the newborn. For him it is not always for good. After all, nature inherent in natural delivery. You have to be ready for all its hardships.

Fear goes away then, When the future mother is internally sure of the successful outcome of childbirth. To believing women, baptized in the church, helps to gain this faith prayer and fellowship with his confessor. If the expectant mother regularly goes to church during the period of bearing, communes, confesses, then she gives birth easier. Let's remember the past. What level of medicine could you talk about several centuries ago? What anesthesia, partner birth? And then they gave birth to not one child, but faith and prayer helped women. In the church you can buy prayer books, where there are special prayers for future mothers, and also to the Guardian Angel.

The Evangelist John the Theologian said that a woman giving birth suffers sorrow, and when she gives birth, she no longer remembers it with joy. Remembering these words, a woman will not be afraid of suffering and pain. In prayer, fear recedes, but the soul is filled with confidence.

Preparing for childbirth, you should definitely attend special classes for pregnant women in preparation for childbirth. They will familiarize with breathing exercises, special exercises, which will help to relieve pain and will not injure the child. A woman should know about this necessarily.

And, of course, you yourself need to read a lot and know about childbirth as much as possible.

A school for future parents is worth visiting with their spouse. There, the teachers skillfully suggest that the birth is an examination not only for women. In answer for their successful outcome and future father.

Together, it is worth to get acquainted with all the useful information about the first days of life of the crumbs, caring for him. Perhaps this will help her husband decide on partnering. It is worth noting, that the practice proved the positive influence of support of relatives during childbirth. And one knowledge that a woman will not be alone in the delivery room, helps her overcome fear and a sense of panic. And the latter often arises in fights even with well-trained and knowledgeable women.

Psychologists advise future mothers after the wiggling of the fetus to talk more often with the baby, and closer to the birth to ask him about that he too suffered with his mother and helped her. You need to tell your child about your love, stroke your stomach, convince yourself, and it's that together you will cope with everything that everything is going to be all right, you will soon meet. This works because the child hears, understands, feels. It is connected with the future mother by close energy ties and is ready to help overcome the pain, fear, that my mother could safely feel the happiness of motherhood.

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