How to relieve toxemia in pregnancy

How to relieve toxemia in pregnancy
  • Do not rush to start a new day. Do not jump abruptly off the bed. Stretch, move your arms, legs, wake up all the senses, and only then rise. Lying in bed, you canbite dry cracker, etc., because in your position it is not just a luxury, but a necessary measure.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol, stay away from those who smoke. Know that this causes attacks of nausea and vomiting.
  • Avoid places where you become worse from certain foods or odors. This means that you will have to go shopping on such a route to skirt, for example, a counter with garlic in a large arc. Still have to ask her husband to refuel the car is not in your presence. If you are sick of menthol toothpaste, try flossing and just brushing with water or buying a paste that does not contain menthol.
  • Do not overeat or starve. Eat small meals, but often. Eat simple food. Always have an apple with you, nuts or a sandwich and other useful things so that hunger does not catch you unawares, and you do not intercept a whopping something that you will later regret. You can try your luck with ice cream: very cold products usually do not smell.

  • Drink plenty of fluids. During pregnancy, it is very important to consume enough fluids. Do not drink a lot at once, but in small portions between meals, then you will avoid the feeling that you have overeaten and will now throw you up. From the liquid, give preference to plain water without gas and freshly squeezed juices. You can drink chilled fruit teas or water with ice and lemon, you can even try to drink broth. If you do not like drinking directly from a glass or mug, drink through a straw.
  • Take vitamin complexes. You need to get enough vitamins and minerals. If you can not consume vitamins in its pure form, try seizing them with cookies or drinking with water.
  • Avoid strong smells. Strong smells, spicy food can provoke nausea. Try to avoid contact with household chemicals, ask the household to help you clean up the house. Try to keep the windows open when cooking.
  • Relax more. Weakness and fatigue intensify attacks of nausea. Try to sleep more every day, ideally, if it is a day dream, if not, try to go to bed earlier, do not overwork.
  • Keep a record of the products that you use. This will help you determine which foods cause nausea in your case, and what not, and plan a suitable menu.
  • Contact your doctor if the above tips do not work.

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