How to turn a child from a pelvic presentation to the head

How to turn a child from a pelvic presentation to the head

Why is the baby in the wrong position?

Why a future baby can be in a pelvic presentation, your doctor will tell you. He will tell us about medical reasons, and there are others.

The habit of sleeping all night in one position of the future mother negatively affects the fetal posture in the uterus. In such cases, doctors recommend lying in bed before going to bed in several poses, changing them several times. Such "movement" will help lay the program of sleep with the alternation of several poses. And maybe in a week the habit of sleeping in one pose will be forgotten.

Make sure to turn over!

There are other ways to gradually turn the fetus in the womb in the right position:

  • Communication with the child. Mummy, sitting comfortably in the armchair, mentally directs her gaze inward, towards the child. She utters thoughts aloud, talking about how dangerous the prospect of delivery in the pelvic presentation. Thus, you can convince the baby to turn over, explain to him such a need. You can convince and with the help of tactile contact stroking the abdomen, light massaging. For this, the mother must communicate with the child every day for a certain time, while persuading him to take the necessary position. Movements of hands should be directed so that the child moves after them and thus turned over.
  • The natural curiosity of the child can also be used for his own purposes. So, the included flashlight must be attached to the mother's stomach and move it in the direction necessary for the coup. The child is as if carried away by the light outside and turns over.
  • You can resort to the method of acupuncture. It is safe for expectant mothers, if the specialist does it. Influence on the meridians promotes the child's coup.
  • Physical exercise will help

    Very good for pregnant yoga. And this way you can easily get your baby to take the right position. Women who have not done this before, you can try to do a "half bridge". To do this, you need to place blankets or other soft objects under the waist. For effectiveness in this position, you should stay for 15 minutes a couple of times a day. But you need to start with 2-3 minutes, so as not to aggravate the situation immediately, do not overdo it.

    Turning a child's future after 32 weeks is much more difficult, than to avoid such a situation. And for its prevention it is necessary to lead a healthy way of life, including motor activity.

    So, we recommend some exercises that help the kid to take the right position.

    1. Lie on your side in an intrauterine position (with knees bent at the knees and hip joints). Lie down for a few minutes. Take a deep breath, turn over your back to the other side, take the same pose. Again, lie down for a few minutes. Straighten the leg, which is on top, the second leg remains bent. Take a breath and again bend your straightened leg. Embrace the knee with your hands and take it to the side. Do the same on the other side. Do the exercise 5-6 times.
    2. Exercise Cat. He is standing on all fours and bending his back up and down with his head raised. Repeat the exercise 10 times.
    3. Lie on your back. Bent at the knees are on the floor, arms stretched along the trunk. Slowly, on inhale, lift, and on exhalation lower the pelvis. Repeat the exercise 7 times.

    Such exercises need to be done every day for a week, or even 10 days.

    This is a simple gymnastics that does not require effort and time. When, during such physical education, you feel a noise in your abdomen, a movement, this may mean that the child is already listening to you and doing what you both need. To be sure of this, make an ultrasound. The bandage will help the baby to fix in this position. Good luck and activity to both of you!

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