Is it possible for pregnant women to walk on their heels

Is it possible for pregnant women to walk on their heels

To begin with, let's see how heels affect our health. So, when we get on the heel, the point of support changes: instead of the whole foot, the weight of the body is transferred only to the heads of the metatarsal bones. As a result, the load on the spine changes, the lumbar flexion increases, and the center of gravity shifts forward. Thus, wearing heels increases the load on the ligaments of the foot and ankle joint, further strains the muscles of the legs, increases the load on the pelvis and the lumbar spine.

What happens to the figure of a woman during pregnancy? During pregnancy, due to the increase in the abdomen, the center of gravity shifts forward, so almost all future mothers, trying to return the previous position to the spine, recline when walking. That's why pregnant women are told that they walk in a duck. Moreover, revolutionary hormonal changes during pregnancy also affect the ligament of the feet, which become more vulnerable. Well, if you consider that almost all pregnant women gain during the waiting time of the baby to 20 kg, then the load on the legs turns out to be simply colossal. The load on the muscles and vessels of the feet increases, the risk of developing varicose veins increases, and the swelling of the lower extremities is often noted.

And now let's imagine that with all this picture you will also wear high-heeled shoes? As a result, the displacement of the center of gravity will be further aggravated, which will lead to bulging of the abdomen, stretching muscles and skin and sagging the abdomen. Moreover, in this position the intrauterine fetus takes an incorrect position, as with the strengthening of the lumbar spine of the spine the position of the uterus changes too.

Well, if you have already suffered from varicose veins before the pregnancy, flat feet, then, standing on a high heel, you risk aggravating the course of the disease. It should also be noted that wearing high heels during pregnancy increases the risk of dislocations and dislocations of the vertebrae, leg swelling, low back pain and even calf muscle cramps. Therefore, if you want to preserve your health and not harm the future baby, you should look for a compromise. After all, walking in shoes on a flat soles during pregnancy is also not recommended. Flat shoes without heels load muscles and cause the development of flat feet, varicose veins and seizures.

A compromise solution is to buy a stable shoe with a low heel up to 5 cm, which will allow you to look feminine and not harm your health. In addition, if you suffer from varicose veins, during pregnancy it is recommended to wear special tights and in no case to lift weights.

And do not worry that during pregnancy you will have to put off your favorite 12-cm heels or platform in the locker. Believe me, the "duck walk" in combination with shoes or high-heeled boots does not look feminine at all and, of course, is not attractive. But we want to look beautiful always and everywhere and feel confident?

Take a walk in the next weekend for shopping. We are sure, in today's abundance of models of shoes you will find beautiful and comfortable shoes, which will be your favorite and help you feel like a woman in any situation.

Good luck with your purchase!

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