Is it possible to drink coffee during pregnancy

Is it possible to drink coffee during pregnancy

Of course, every mom tries to minimize any risks for a child already living with his life, even an intrauterine baby. And already from the early stages of pregnancy, the question of optimal nutrition and the permissibility or prohibition of those or other foods is quite acute. Of course, all products with "synthetic" ingredients, all sorts of powerful flavors, dyes or stabilizers of the mother, if possible, try to exclude from the diet as much as possible, so as not to harm the crumbs. Those same women who used to start the morning with a cup of aromatic coffee or take a break "for coffee" in the middle of the day, quite justifiably ask themselves: is it possible to drink coffee during pregnancy?

It would seem that coffee - a completely natural product, no particularly dangerous "additives" in it can not be found. But, at the same time, many experts strongly recommend for avid coffee-makers to very carefully handle coffee, be sure to reduce the amount of bitter-flavored drinks drunk during the day, and in some cases - and completely eliminate it from the menu. So all the same: is it permissible to consume coffee while bearing a baby? Will the coffee-break sessions damage the growing and still defenseless new life? Is it worth to be afraid of the influence of coffee on the development of pregnancy and the formation of a baby? If all the same coffee is allowed during pregnancy, then in what quantities?

Aromatic tonic drink - coffee

The main active component of coffee is the substance caffeine. Caffeine is known for its toning ability, property to raise blood pressure, provide an additional charge of energy and vigor. It is caffeine that is responsible for the process of "opening the eyes" and the final awakening after getting out of sleep in fact. Today in some forms only coffee is not presented on the shelves: here you have coffee and grains, and the coffee is ground, already packed in packs, and coffee is soluble, and coffee in the so-called "3 in 1" . And there is also coffee without caffeine. True, it should not be so naive to believe the claims of producers, ostensibly in such coffee, caffeine is completely absent: it is still there, only here in a much lower concentration than in coffee "classic."

Some people tend to drink and 5-8 servings of coffee a day, and such eating behavior doctors-specialists unanimously condemn. So, constant pressure jumps under the influence of coffee can play in the future a very bad joke with addicted to coffee gourmets - the burden on the heart in this situation is serious. And on the gastric mucosa, coffee does not have the best effect, increasing acidity and, in some cases, contributing to the occurrence of heartburn. And so, too, coffee is strictly not recommended to drink on an empty stomach or immediately after awakening, without the previous coffee-breakfast.

For women, in large quantities, coffee is also undesirable because of its negative effects on the skin condition: the abuse of a fragrant drink affects the color of the skin, thins it and dries it. Besides, not the best way tells coffee on the state of teeth - tooth enamel under its influence gradually darkens. It is not surprising, therefore, that a good tone in the "right" coffeehouses is considered to be along with the ordered coffee, ordinary clean drinking water. But what do experts say about the use of coffee by women who are waiting?

Is it possible to drink coffee during pregnancy: hazards

As mentioned above, one of the properties of coffee is the ability to noticeably increase blood pressure. It is known that during pregnancy the volume of blood circulating throughout the body and the load on the cardiovascular system increases many-fold, and an additional jump in pressure to the future mother is simply useless. But it is useful in this regard will be coffee mummy-hypotonic, for which low blood pressure - the norm.

Future mothers should also remember about the main effect of coffee, which is the excitation of the nervous system. Excessively carried away coffee or savoring it in the evening, you can earn problems with sleep and get in no way necessary now insomnia. By the way, this is also true for other drinks and food products, which contain caffeine - Coca-Cola, chocolate, strong tea.

It has coffee and a diuretic effect, and this factor also can not be discounted. Please note that the urge to go "small" during pregnancy makes itself felt much more often: the increasing uterus presses on the bladder, forcing the future mother to participate in trips to the latrine. With excessive coffee consumption, the urge increases even more, which, as a last resort, can "hiccup" dehydration of the body or violation of the water-salt balance.

According to some data from individual researchers, coffee can also affect the growth and development of the fetus, penetrating the placenta. So, there is a version according to which coffee, used in pregnancy even in moderate amounts, can cause the birth of children with bad weight in 100-200 g. A predilection for coffee of the future mummy in the form of 8-10 servings drunk during the day can not end badly: hypoxia and lagging behind the child in development, miscarriage (coffee raises the tone of the uterus) and even, God forbid, the birth of a dead baby.

However, other studies - they were conducted by Danish scientists - read: by the time of bearing the baby the expectant mother can drink up to 3 small portions of coffee per day without any particular danger. At the same time, without the risk of premature birth or weight loss in newborns.

The data, as you can see, is surprisingly divergent. That's why physicians are always accentuated: the question of the admissibility of drinking coffee by a future mother is desirable to be coordinated with the leading pregnancy by a doctor. He, based on the individual data and the picture of pregnancy, can most adequately determine whether it is possible to drink coffee to a woman during pregnancy, or it is better to refuse a pregnant woman for the time of bearing a baby's fragrant drink. But, even if the doctor has allowed coffee in small quantities, you should always pay attention to your condition and state of health: if during a coffee drinking session you suddenly feel unwell, without thinking, put the cup with the drink aside and in the future from coffee it is better to refrain.

Is it possible to drink coffee during pregnancy: an outlet for coffee mugs

The "horror stories" listed above, even the most persistent maternal heart will make you tremble, prompting avid coffee lovers to look in frustrated feelings out of of the situation. We dare to comfort you: serious reasons for the disorders, in fact, not at all: all possible negative consequences are permissible except in the case of drinking coffee at pregnancy in larger than permitted, quantities. And more - under condition of predilection to coffee in very strong kind and the raised or increased concentrations.

If a woman drinks coffee reasonably, and does not "tilt" a cup after a cup every third hour, there are no grounds for experiencing. Although, of course, it is better to coordinate the issue of drinking coffee during the gestation of the baby in the early stages of pregnancy with a doctor.

In the case when the specialist "gives good" and does not see any reason to ban coffee, drinking an invigorating drink should certainly not be carried away. First, it is necessary to limit the use of coffee, drinking during the day one, a maximum - two servings of coffee a day. In this case, it is better if the drink is not strong, or even better - with the addition of milk or cream. The fact is that coffee, by the way, is also known for its ability to "steal", to wash out of the body such an important during this period of calcium. Refund to the partial loss of it will help milk or cream, which it is useful to dilute the coffee. In addition, milk "additives" also coffee "soften", eliminating its aggressive effect on the gastric mucosa.

By the way, women with a weak stomach, with the presence of gastritis or peptic ulcer, coffee during pregnancy is categorically contraindicated. It is better, having such diagnoses, not to risk, and immediately replace the coffee with a drink from the root of chicory. Decoction of chicory as well as coffee is known for its toning properties, therefore, it can become a worthy alternative to a flavored drink. However, it should be remembered that chicory also has its own contraindications, which also can not be ignored. And coffee can be replaced as tasty, and very useful other drink - cocoa. Cocoa, cooked with milk, will become a source not only necessary for future mothers of calcium, but also vegetable protein.

In general, tips for pregnant women, including, and for coffee, are the same: if you really want something, you can. But - in reasonable quantities and without fanaticism. From a cup of coffee, and even with milk, and even sweets, early in the morning after a light, delicious breakfast, nothing will happen to the future mommy. Although no, it will happen, but exceptionally good: energy, like the mood, will increase, and life will go its usual joyous turn.

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