Is it possible to drink tea with thyme during pregnancy

Can I drink tea with thyme during pregnancy?

Briefly about the plant

Healing properties of thyme are multifaceted. A perennial plant has diuretic, expectorant, anticonvulsant properties. A small shrub with purple flowers also serves as an anthelmintic agent.

Thyme is unique in its biochemical composition. It contains thymol, gum, bitterness, B vitamins, ascorbic acid, organic acids. These substances have a beneficial effect on the woman during pregnancy. The medicinal plant will be useful in anemia, angina, insomnia, atherosclerosis, gout, tonsillitis, hypotension. Hemorrhoids, cystitis, flatulence, cholecystitis are also treated with thyme. They use medicinal herbs in the treatment of alcoholism.

The plant contains a lot of essential oil, it has thymol, atherepineol, carvacrol, borneol.

Than Thymus is dangerous to expectant mothers

If a woman liked to drink tea with thyme before the onset of an interesting situation, this does not mean that now this gustatory habit will have to be forgotten. Just have to be careful in using the drink. And it concerns those pregnant women, who complains about the increase in blood pressure. Thyme has the property of increasing it, but it does not happen dramatically, but gradually.

It is also recommended to refuse for a period of pregnancy from such a drink to women experiencing problems with the cardiovascular system. Thymus is categorically contraindicated in cardiosclerosis, atrial fibrillation.

Thyme in early pregnancy

Decoction from this medicinal plant is a good folk remedy for tonsillitis. Apply it in the form of rinses. Just this way of using thyme will be the most safe in the first trimester of bearing a child. After all at this time a woman is forbidden to use chemical medicines, because all the systems and organs of the future baby are formed. A natural remedy, which is a rinse based on thyme, neither mother nor future baby will not cause harm. As for the use of tea on the basis of a plant, many gynecologists are sure that the essential oils contained therein have abortive action in the early stages of pregnancy. They can provoke the onset of hypertension of the uterus, which is fraught with miscarriage. However, this does not mean that one cup of such tea will immediately harm future mother. Yes, do not drink on an empty stomach and in large quantities (2-3 cups in a row). But after breakfast you can drink aromatic thyme tea.

If a woman in the early stages of bearing a fetus is in hospital with the threat of miscarriage, it is really better to forget about the drink.

Thyme in late pregnancy

Many future mothers in the third trimester of the term suffer from irregular blood pressure. It is normalized in this state for a long time, especially since it is highly undesirable to use medicines for this. That is why, from the fifth month of pregnancy, it is recommended to limit the use of tea with thyme as much as possible. Gynecologists advise drinking such a tea not more often 1-2 times a week. After all, a woman does not need unnecessary problems that can arise after a few minutes of pleasure.

It should be noted that in the third trimester of the term, the load on the kidneys also increases, and this drink has a diuretic effect. Timol as one of the active components of the plant has an adverse effect not only on the kidneys, but also on the liver. It is strictly forbidden to drink tea with such a medicinal plant to pregnant women, suffering from thyroid diseases. Even if there are only prerequisites for the development of the disease, then the fragrant drink should be discarded, because its active ingredients increase the risk of hypothyroidism.

So, thyme tea during pregnancy should be used with caution, take into account all warnings and listen to your well-being.

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