It throws in fever during pregnancy

What should I do if I feel hot during pregnancy?

The temperature of the temperature is different. If the heat begins sharply, you are shivering, your hands and feet are frozen, get drunk hot tea, take cover, put warmers on the palms and feet. Such procedures promote the expansion of blood vessels, causes a rush of blood and increases the heat output.

The temperature at 37. 2 & deg; With a woman should not scare - especially in the early stages of pregnancy. Often the body reacts to pregnancy in this way. The fact is that from the moment of intrauterine development of the fetus, the active development of progesterone begins in the body of a pregnant woman, which affects the high temperature level during pregnancy.

But the mark of 37, 8 C should already alert. Perhaps the body gives you signals about the inflammatory processes inside.

If you have a fever of 38 degrees, you feel weak, broken, God forbid, you vomit and your head hurts - go to the doctor. It is best to invite him to the house - preferably in the morning: then the painful symptoms are more pronounced, and therefore - the doctor will easily diagnose and prescribe the treatment. With a visit, do not pull the medic: the mark of 38 degrees is especially dangerous for the development of the baby. It can cause microcephaly, abnormalities in the central nervous system baby, provoke muscle hypotension.

And yet do not panic. Be calm, but considerate and careful.

The heat during pregnancy is best beaten down by old and time-tested means. For example, rub with vodka or half-diluted in water 3 percent vinegar. After the procedure, do not rush immediately.

Drink plenty of fluids. Best of all - herbal tea, raspberries, viburnum. And you can pour one teaspoon of finely chopped bark of a white willow with a glass of boiling water, cool and take 4 times a day for a tablespoon.

Be sure to drink tea with lemon, honey, true, with the latter - be careful: it's a powerful allergen. Take warm milk with melted butter.

Refer to the special medical literature - it lists all the risk areas for the fetus from certain antipyretic drugs. You can take paracetamol, Tylanol, Hilevsky Engistol, you can put a candle - "Kipferon."

With heat during pregnancy - as, in principle, and in general during pregnancy - forget about the admission of "chemistry". No koldreksov, pharmacotox, etc. If you really decided to drink - it's only with the permission of the doctor. Do not take drugs that contain alcohol - it is even in minimal quantities very harmful to the baby. Do not indulge in echinacea, lemongrass, ginseng. They increase blood pressure, increase the pulse, and accordingly - increase the load on a small heart.

Be careful with vasoconstrictive drugs - their effect can spread to the arteries of the placenta, violating the blood supply to the fetus.

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