Lays his ears during pregnancy

Why lays ears during pregnancy?

Doctors express various assumptions about this and offer temporary measures to alleviate the condition. And let you completely get rid of the stuffiness of the ears during pregnancy, you are unlikely to succeed, that it is not dangerous for you or for the baby.

Why lays the ears during pregnancy?

This can happen on a wide variety of pregnancy terms - from the first weeks to the last. During pregnancy, both ear can be pawned simultaneously or only one. It is interesting that mostand women have right ear.

Most likely, the cause of this condition is actually pregnancy. It is known that during this period a woman constantly experiences pressure changes, which leads to stuffiness of the ears. Most expectant mothers complain of low blood pressure during pregnancy. Also indirectly, the cause may be low hemoglobin.

Temporary "deafness" can lead to a common cold of the pregnant: it is likely that these two phenomena are also related to you.

But you can not exclude other reasons not related to your situation. This can be, for example, ear plugs, which the ENT painlessly removes from the ears. When the cold or flu begins, the stuffiness of the ears during pregnancy is also common. Therefore, if you suspect, that at you pawns ears not only because of pregnancy, it is better to be reinsured, having visited the expert.

Pay attention also to your weight. It happens that the ears pawns during pregnancy, when a woman is gaining too much. Particular discomfort is experienced during inclinations and sudden movements.

What should I do if my ears are pawned during pregnancy?

If you think that the stuffiness of your ears is caused by pressure jumps, then, naturally, you should try to normalize it. Each pregnant woman has her own proven prescription. Try a cup of coffee, tea, chocolate, have an active walk or apply your method.

Sometimes, the ears pawned suddenly for a very short time, and then unexpectedly the problem disappeared by itself - that's all. But much more often ears during pregnancy lays again and again. To temporarily ease the condition, some tricks and tricks will help:

  • Swallow saliva or drink water.
  • Open your mouth wide, as if you were about to yawn.
  • Hold your nose and exhale sharply (or swallow).
  • Chewing gum helps some.
  • Lie down and take a nap or just lie down for at least a few minutes. In the horizontal position, the ears are blocked by many.
  • Snack something.
  • If the stuffiness of the ears is caused by the formation of sulfur plugs, then pat yourself with hydrogen peroxide - 2 drops in each ear.
  • With a blocked nose, you need to rinse your nasal passages and, possibly, apply drops, allowed in this period.

Ask your doctor - maybe he will advise you something relevant depending on the cause of zalozhennosti ears you. And do not be discouraged. This, undoubtedly, causes strong discomfort, but after childbirth all will pass - it is necessary to suffer, that here you will do & hellip;

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