Low body temperature during pregnancy

Low body temperature during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman is especially attentive to her own health. And if anything does not correspond to the norm, it immediately causes, if not panic, then a deep alarm. Here, for example, body temperature. As a rule, in everyday life we ??do not think much about what it's like here, and we grab the thermometer only when we are frankly "freezed" or "thrown into a fever". A pregnant woman, measures body temperature for and without it. And often notes that the indicators are slightly higher or, conversely, slightly below the generally accepted norm. What is it: the norm or the signal about trouble?

In the special sources you can find information that the temperature, slightly different from the norm in the upward direction, during pregnancy is a habitual phenomenon and, in most cases, does not signal anything negative. And lowered?

Medical workers answer this question in the following way.

First, often low body temperature is a feature of the body, which had not shown itself before. As a rule, during pregnancy, the woman's attention to herself intensifies, and, with the next random measurement, this fact is revealed. In fact, such a state is not dangerous.

But, secondly, sometimes a lower body temperature in a pregnant woman (and not only) may be a sign of endocrinological disease. This means that you need a doctor's consultation and, if necessary, appropriate treatment. If a pregnant woman noticed that her body temperature is low, that is, it keeps at level 36, 1-36, 4 degrees, is an occasion to go to the endocrinologist. To begin with, if the indicators do not rise for several days, you can visit the therapist, and he will already give direction to a more narrow specialist.

If the temperature is lowered, but there are symptoms of a cold, it is possible that the cause is in a weakened immune system. This fact can not be left without your own attention and advice of a specialist.

Some women describe that during pregnancy they have been lowered due to malnutrition. Toxicosis, non-perception of odors, lack of appetite led to the fact that these indicators were below the norm. In such cases, everything gets better as soon as the woman begins to eat fully.

Is it necessary for the expectant mother to regularly measure the temperature, even if nothing disturbs her? Doctors say that this is not necessary. But if a woman feels at least a mild ailment, pain, or even the slightest signs of ARVI appear, it is necessary. Otherwise, you can skip the onset of a serious illness, and this is already dangerous for the mother and the baby.

Be healthy!

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