Macmirror during pregnancy

Macmirror during pregnancy - instructions for use, reviews

This is a positive side of this process, but there is another - less joyful, because together with a decrease in immunity, the protective forces of the body of a pregnant woman are weakened. Here, too, "out" people who do not give themselves to know about chronic diseases, exacerbate various gynecological diseases, infections (for example, candidiasis, colpitis, vaginal bacteriosis, vulvovaginitis, etc.), outbreak and infectious-inflammatory processes are possible. The urogenital system as a whole is often affected.

And then the expectant mother instead of enjoying her position, with the joy of preparing for the birth of a baby and dreaming of his future, is forced to suffer from itching, burning and secretions in the genitals.

Do not attach importance to any manifestations of infection, because they are a danger, because they can provoke the development of fetal infection of the fetus or cause severe complications in the mother's body. But, dear future moms, do not despair your hands and do not panic, because modern gynecology "does not sleep" and from such misfortunes there is a panacea - a combination drug "Macmirror", the use of which is allowed for pregnant women.

Macmirror during pregnancy: action and indications for use

The structure of "Makmiror" includes nifuratel - a synthetic substance, long occupied a leadership position in the fight against various diseases of the genitourinary system caused by pathogenic bacteria.

Nifuratel can not be attributed to completely safe substances due to the fact that it has many side effects. But thanks to the latest pharmacological development, their strength was minimized, as a result of which we have the drug "Macmiore", suitable for use by pregnant women.

After laboratory tests and clinical trials, the specialists stated that "Macmirror" does not affect fetal development, despite the fact that nifuratel (the active substance of this drug) is able to penetrate the placental barrier. Therefore, doctors often prescribe the use of the drug "McMiore" in pregnancy to treat various inflammatory and infectious processes in the vagina. It is also prescribed for pregnant women with a diagnosis of pyelonephritis.

The use of "Makmioror" during pregnancy, a doctor can appoint only after carrying out a set of all necessary studies - from a laboratory blood test to a bacterial culture of urine.

Macmirror during pregnancy: vaginal suppositories, cream or pills?

In the case when the pregnant woman has various infectious and inflammatory diseases of the kidneys, urinary tracts or pyelonephritis, the doctor can decide on the appointment of taking "Makmimira" in tablets. But a prerequisite for the prescription of the drug is the delivery of all the necessary tests listed above. With special care, it should be taken in the first trimester - in the period when all the most basic organs, tissues and systems of vital activity of your baby's body are laid.

If a pregnant woman has vulvovaginitis (an infectious inflammatory process in the vagina or vulva) that can be caused by chlamydia, trichomonads, various bacterial microflora, or a mixed infection (which is most often observed), then then the application is assigned & ldquo; Macmorora "in the form of a cream or vaginal suppositories (candles) .This form of the drug is particularly effective in vaginal candidiasis, because in addition to nifuratel, they include nystatin (an antifungal antibiotic).

If the diagnosis is confirmed, the pregnant woman is prescribed a course of candles "Macmirror", designed for 8 days (candles should be placed at night). Perhaps the use of cream, but the form of suppositories is more convenient to use, besides the inconvenience in the application of the cream is also in the fact that it must be independently metered out with a special applicator-dispenser.

Use of vaginal suppositories or vaginal cream "McMiore" during pregnancy is prescribed only after the study of the microflora of the vagina and discharge from it.

Contraindications for use

Contraindication for the application of "Macmorore" during pregnancy in tablets, in the form of candles or cream may be an individual intolerance of individual components of the drug.

When using the tablets "McMiore", you may experience heartburn, vomiting, nausea, or abdominal pain. But there are few such cases, as usually this drug is well tolerated by all patients. When applying a cream or suppositories, "McMiore" may cause allergic reactions.

You can not start using Macmorore on your own during pregnancy. Having noticed at yourselves the first manifestations of any disease, immediately contact a doctor who will pick up the drug that is right for you - only then you can protect yourself and your baby from possible negative consequences.

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