Maternity benefit

Maternity benefit

Types of benefits for pregnancy

  1. One-time allowance. It will be received by those future mothers who on time (up to twelve weeks) have registered in the consultation and have a legitimate right to it. In 2013, the amount of such benefits is 465, 2 rubles. The legal right of its reception is employed women, students, passing service. The above amount of the pregnant woman receives at the place of work, study or service.
  2. Allowance for pregnancy and childbirth. It is provided with a single amount for maternity leave, lasting 140 calendar days. That is, 70 days before and 70 after delivery. When there were twins and more children, the second half of maternity leave rises to 86 days (a total of 156 days). If the birth of a woman was complicated, then the duration of the decree also increases. Accordingly, 84 before and 110 after delivery (a total duration of 194 days).

Also in 2013, the legislator changed the procedure for calculating this benefit. Earlier, in 2011-2012, the average wage was calculated by dividing the sum of all the accruals of a woman for the two preceding decrees of the year. In this year, 2013, women receive the above benefit on the basis of the total income for two calendar (!) years divided by the total number of days of these two years. When the insurance period of a working woman is less than six months, the amount of this payment is 1 minimum wage. This amount as of January 1, 2013 in Russia is 5205 rubles.

To assign the two above-mentioned benefits, a woman should be provided with a sick leave sheet. Non-working women legislator does not provide for the calculation of benefits for pregnancy and childbirth.

Maternity benefit

  1. A one-time childbirth allowance. From January 1, 2013 such a one-time payment is 13087 rubles. Her woman gets in the place of her work (if she is unemployed, then at her father's place of work). To do this, you need to provide in the accounting department such documents: a certificate of birth of your baby, a certificate from the registry office, a certificate of non-receipt of benefits by the other parent. When both parents do not work, the benefit is paid by the social protection body at the place of residence.
  2. Maternity capital. The amount of the parent capital from January 1, 2013 is 408,960 rubles 50 kopecks. This payment is granted only once to women who gave birth or adopted a second child (and subsequent children) from January 1, 2007. Disposal of these funds will be possible only when the child reaches the age of three. The maternity capital can also be used by the family to repay a mortgage (a home loan).

Maternal capital in Russia is not paid in money, unlike other countries. It can be used to improve housing conditions, education of children, the formation of the accumulation of a mother's labor pension, the payment of a kindergarten or a school for children. By the way, you can do it in parts. For example, one part to pay for kindergarten, the other - to improve the conditions of their homes.

Payments to women in Moscow

In the Russian capital, in addition to the above benefits, mothers are entitled to such payments:

  • One-time compensation. For the first child is 5500 rubles, for the second and the next - 14500 rubles.
  • Additional one-time benefit for the birth of a child to young families. Meaning parents up to 30 years. The amount of the allowance for the first child is 5-fold, for the second - 7-fold, for the third and subsequent children - a 10-fold amount of the established subsistence minimum.

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