Miuropristone for the stimulation of childbirth

Miuropriston for delivery stimulation - instructions for use

What is Miuropriston: indications and contraindications

This medication is made in the form of round small tablets of a yellowish hue, packaged in contour cells. Mifepristone acts as an active substance. In addition, it contains microcrystalline cellulose, talc, calcium stearate, and sodium carboxymethyl starch. The drug effectively blocks the production of progesterone and activates the contractile activity of the uterus. As a result, the child is easily born.

It is impossible to do without artificial stimulation of labor activity if the pregnancy exceeds forty-one weeks or is Rh-conflict, in cases when the waters have long since passed away, and the fights are too weak or completely absent. Often, the medicine is used for multiple pregnancies, as well as the presence of the mother's health problems, life-threatening baby.

It should be emphasized that Miuropristone has a variety of contraindications, such as porphyria, uterine myoma, abnormalities in the functioning of the adrenal glands, liver and kidneys, hemostasis failure, eclampsia, severe gestosis, infectious diseases of the reproductive system. Also an obstacle to using this medication is the abnormal position of the baby, its underdevelopment or the presence of anemia.

Moreover, if the vital signs of the baby deteriorate rapidly, then the drug is strictly forbidden to take. Contraindications include a discrepancy between the width of the maternal pelvis and the fetal head, the opening of bleeding of an unknown nature, detachment of the placenta. Therefore, one should rely on the professionalism of the doctor and not to abandon the application of Miropristone. And about the presence of the above-mentioned health problems, it is necessary to inform the medical staff in advance.

After taking the remedy, some side effects may occur. Most often, women in labor experience severe discomfort in the abdomen and suffer from dizziness. There may also be bloody discharge from the vagina, weakness, high body temperature and malfunction in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. But such changes in health do not actually feel, because the body is in a state of extreme stress.

How much does Miuropriston start acting?

If there are indications for medication, the woman is given one tablet, and after twenty four hours - the second. The exact time when intense fights begin in this or that case, it is impossible to predict. But most often the labor is activated after two days after the last dose.

Before the medicine works, the doctor periodically conducts an examination to monitor the condition of the future mother and her baby. If even after three days of struggle does not begin, then a decision is made to introduce Oxytocin, which in any case will provoke them. After taking the first Miropristone tablet, a woman feels a strong discomfort in the lower back. At the same time, the cork can also go away. Gradually there are pains that interfere with full movement and sleep.

If before the use of the drug the uterus was firm and inelastic, then there are positive changes after it passes more than one finger, which indicates the early onset of labor. Future mummies should be prepared for the fact that fights after stimulation are extremely painful. But if the life of a small child is at stake, you need to be patient and help him to be born as soon as possible.

Ultimately, the described medication is used exclusively for acute need and is safe for the fetus. The time of action of the tablet can range from forty to sixty hours, and all this time the woman in childbirth should be under the supervision of the medical staff, since at any moment the fights will begin.

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