Mushrooms during pregnancy

Can I have mushrooms for pregnant women?

How to choose mushrooms for pregnant women?

Before answering a question, let's recall an important recommendation for a healthy person about the place of gathering mushrooms. If for a pregnant woman you are going to buy mushrooms from a spontaneous market or they themselves collected them in the city, then this in no case can not be done. Such fungi contain molecules of heavy metals and will only do harm. As for the market, then if you do not focus on the differences between edible fungi and poisonous ones, do not buy it better. When you want to buy fresh white mushrooms, then carefully examine their appearance. Perhaps he is not too fresh? Maybe they already lay there for a few days? If you have any doubts from purchasing such forest gifts, it is better to refuse. It is better to buy mushrooms in the store.

Is it possible to have mushrooms during pregnancy?

The future mother should eat fully every day. Women tend to make the diet diverse and ask about the possibility of including mushrooms in it. The main doubt concerns the harm of fungi for the future child. Well, about everything in order.

Mushrooms are a nutritious product, not all of them are equally useful. What should be considered when preparing mushrooms for a pregnant woman? If such questions arise in the summer, and there is no independent opportunity to go to the forest, collect good mushrooms, then it is better to give preference to mushrooms from the supermarket. Mushrooms, which are sold there, are grown for sale specially with observance of certain technology. They pass quality control, so the conditions for their transportation and storage are respected. This means that it is safe to buy such mushrooms.

Nutritionists say that the ideal for a future mother will be eating champignons. They contain in their composition many useful substances necessary for our body. Champignons are saturated with amino acids necessary for the child to form cells and tissues. These mushrooms are quickly digested, without creating an additional burden on the digestive system. Mushrooms contain vitamins and lecithin, so they are often equated to light meat.

So, the mushrooms are on the first place according to the recommendations of nutritionists for pregnant women, followed by honey mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, oleores. These fungi in their composition accumulate a minimum of harmful substances.

How to prepare mushrooms for a pregnant woman?

If you are already going to cook mushrooms, discard those that look stale, wrinkled, darkened to avoid risks.

The process of making mushrooms for a pregnant woman has its own nuances. First, mushrooms should be thoroughly washed, cleaned. Then they are boiled. Let them leave for 5 minutes, after which the water must be drained. Then again pour them with clean water and allow to boil after boiling for 30 minutes. After such a preliminary stage, these gifts of nature can be fried (which is least recommended for a pregnant woman), stew or cook soups, prepare other dishes.

As for pickled mushrooms during pregnancy, then the answer is more "no" than "yes." After all, when preparing pickled mushrooms, their preliminary thermal treatment does not always take place. Sometimes only salt and vinegar are used. Therefore, nutritionists are advised to refuse such fungi. The same recommendations apply to dried, canned mushrooms.

An important point! With the use of even properly cooked mushrooms, a pregnant woman may develop an allergy or bloating. If a woman in itself has problems with the digestive system, it is better to refuse the use of mushrooms.

So, mushrooms during pregnancy are allowed, but only selected species and provided they are properly selected, prepared. Do not eat them often and at night. Observe the measure of eating all kinds of food and do not eat for two!

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