Nails during pregnancy

Nails during pregnancy - rules for care, advice and recommendations

Practice shows that during pregnancy the nails on the arms and legs grow more intensively than before it. This is facilitated by the protein contained in them.

Why do nails spoil? The fact is that during the "interesting" situation the woman's body becomes not only an "incubator" for the baby, but also his breadwinner. Part of substances (vitamins, micro- and macro elements), necessary for the construction of the skeleton and the muscular system of the child, the woman receives less. First of all, it concerns calcium. In addition, prolonged exposure to water, alkalis, acids makes the nails brittle and brittle.

Whether to paint fingernails or nails?

Do not paint or paint your nails while carrying a child? Will not the substances that make up the lacquer harm the baby? These questions are asked by thousands of pregnant women around the world. Experts say that now is not the best time to cover your nails with varnish. Although they do not deny that, most likely, rare minimal contacts with harmful components do not pose a significant risk to the fetus or fertility. All this suggests that during pregnancy the need for a sense of proportion is more relevant than ever.

Not all varnishes and fixers can be used by pregnant women. Especially make sure that there are no formaldehyde, toluene and camphor in the composition. These substances have a toxic effect on the developing fetus, cause allergic reactions. For example, formaldehyde causes a woman's headaches, palpitations, creates a risk of pregnancy pathology, developmental abnormalities, can weaken the immunity of the child. Toluene, penetrating the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, has a carcinogenic effect. Essential oil - camphor - can provoke an increase in the tone of the uterus.

If you decide to remove the nail polish, do not use acetone! He dries the nail plate, making it break. But, most dangerous, it can have a negative impact on the central nervous system. Use bezatsetonovym agent. Today, such are widely represented in the cosmetic products market. As a rule, they contain also vitamin complexes and calcium.

If you still decide to paint your nails, carefully study the label with the composition. The best solution will be if you buy cosmetics specially created for pregnant women.

Is it possible to grow nails?

For the period of pregnancy, it is better for a woman to refuse from nail extensions. The fact is that the effect on the fetus of various materials and solvents used during the procedure can be very harmful. These include acrylic, glue for nails, nail polish and a means for removing varnish. Do not overlook the fact that many chemicals that are used to build nails - a fairly strong allergens. This procedure is especially contraindicated during the first three months, when the baby is formed all the systems and organs. There have been cases when smells of drugs caused nausea, dizziness and even fainting in pregnant women. These are facts. Nevertheless, there are no serious studies that would prove that nail extensions are harmful to the future child. So think, is it worth the risk?

If the duration of your pregnancy is more than 4-5 months and you really, really need, then, observing some precautions, you can afford this procedure. Here are the basic rules:

  • open the windows in the room where the build-up will take place;
  • use expensive and high-quality drugs of the latest generation to build up;
  • at the end, rinse thoroughly with soap and water;
  • To get rid of the dust that has arisen after filing nails, flush your nose.

How to care for nails?

To keep your nails in good condition, strengthen them. For this, you can do hand massage. To massage performed easily, use a special healing oil or cream. As a rule, the means for strengthening nails contain calcium, proteins, silicone. Rub the composition into the nail plate and the skin around the nails.

So-called folk recipes will not damage in this case. Therefore, sometimes boldly rub the nail plate with lemon juice. This procedure not only strengthens the nails, but also brightens them in case of yellowing. Excellent effect gives a rubbing juice of lemon and olive oil. Based on these ingredients, adding liquid vitamin A, make a bath for hands.

Well strengthen the nails of the soda bath. To do this, 1 tablespoon of drinking soda dilute in a glass of water (not bad, if the solution add 10-15 drops of iodine) body temperature. The duration of the procedure is 15-20 minutes. To achieve the therapeutic effect of the bath should be done daily for 2 weeks.

If the nails are loose, you can make a useful salt bath. To do this, take natural sea salt (make sure that its composition does not include aromatic additives). A teaspoon of this salt is dissolved in a mug of warm water and for 20 minutes, hold your hands in the resulting solution. To achieve this result, this procedure should be performed within 10 days.

that nails are not exposed to chemical influence of washing powders, and also other cleaning and washing-up liquids, during work wear rubber gloves.

Future moms should not forget that the external beauty directly depends on a full, balanced diet. To nails were strong and well grown, eat foods rich in vitamin A. This - liver, oil, fresh greens, carrots, tomatoes. No less useful are B vitamins, which are contained in germinated wheat grains, brewer's yeast, egg yolk, cabbage. Necessary to the body of iodine can be obtained from sea kale, spinach, kiwi. To nails were hard, eat vegetables that contain silicon in a sufficient amount. Do not forget about iron, sulfur and calcium.

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