Negative pregnancy test

A negative pregnancy test is the main reason. Is pregnancy possible with a negative test

During the cycle of monthly, every self-respecting woman should follow regularly. And the question is not at all - flew or not? At stake is your health and, perhaps, in the future the health of your baby or even the well-being of the family.

If you have found a serious delay while keeping the monthly calendar, then you should not miss it. The answer to the question "Am I pregnant or not?" Can give a pharmacy test with strips. In our time, pregnancy tests have become very affordable. At the first suspicion, a woman rushes to the pharmacy and can get a test for every taste and purse.

But there are no monthly ones for a long time, and the test is negative. What could it be?

It's too early to panic. Analyze the whole situation. First, evaluate the likelihood of pregnancy. If you think this could happen, calm down and do a second test the next morning on an empty stomach. If during the menstrual cycle you had a night of love without contraception, then the probability of pregnancy is quite likely. And do not mislead yourself that at one time this does not happen. Very often!

Know that from the time the girl started her period (be it 12 or 14 years), she can conceive a child. Every month in the body, the egg is maturing, which can be fertilized. So even after the first time everything can happen, and you can never forget about it.

But if you in every possible way exclude such a possibility or if it really is not present at all, then you need to think about it: a negative test with a delay of the monthly ones - what can it be? If you have a regular delay, it is best to see a doctor.

It turns out that many gynecological diseases lead to a violation of the cycle. Delay may also be due to a variety of other diseases, in particular metabolic disorders, or to appear, for example, as a result of the stress experienced.

Thus, maintaining the calendar of menstruation should be a regular and compulsory occupation of each girl. In this case, if there are any violations in the work of the reproductive system, the doctor will be able to diagnose more quickly and accurately.

What causes can affect the delay of menstruation? The first thought that will come to the mind of the majority is, of course, pregnancy.

Delaying the monthly and, at the same time, negative testimony of the pregnancy test can cause violations in the woman's body. The cause may be gynecological diseases: endometritis, chronic adnexitis or salpingitis.

Endometritis, or inflammatory disease of the mucous membrane of the body of the uterus, as well as adnexitis (inflammation of the fallopian tubes and ovaries) - acute infectious diseases. They are formed as a result of penetration of the pathogen into the uterus. Most often they develop in women if the rules of asepsis and antiseptics are not respected during examination with a doctor with non-sterile instruments, as well as after childbirth and abortions.

The main and obvious signs of these diseases are the increase and consolidation of the uterus, sometimes there are small bloody discharge in the intermenstrual period. These diseases, if not deal with their treatment, may lead to infertility in the future.

If it so happens that the doctor has given you one of these diagnoses, he is likely to prescribe a comprehensive treatment for you. It will be necessary to observe a sparing diet, taking antibiotics and other drugs, painkillers, etc.

As for salpingitis, this is also a difficult disease from the point of view of medicine. It is caused by golden or epidermal staphylococcus, streptococcus, enterococcus, E. coli, bacteroides, peptococci, peptostreptococcus, proteus, fungi, and mixed flora. Salpingitis can cause a sharp deterioration in well-being, fever, chills, pain in the lower abdomen, nervousness. Treatment of it, too, can not be missed, as the consequences in the future are sad.

A negative test result with a delay in menstruation can cause thyroid dysfunction. This disease occurs at any age, but is especially common among middle-aged women. Insufficiency of the thyroid gland is characterized by insufficient hormone production and such symptoms as fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, cold intolerance, decreased sexual desire, depression and brittle nails. Signs of thyroid dysfunction include unexplained weight changes, hair loss, unusual sensitivity to heat or cold and menstrual irregularities. The treatment is long enough and requires a lot of effort and resources, but it is better to overcome this disease in the early stages. Stress, severe excitement, excessive fatigue can also disrupt the release of hormones in the first phase of the cycle, leading to late ovulation and, accordingly, a slight delay in menstruation. This is not a normal condition, but does not require treatment. Usually a good rest and a course of soothing herbs help to bring the cycle into a normal state.

Problems with the hormonal background may also delay the menstruation, which is often due to diseases of the pituitary or hypothalamus, when hormone synthesis is disturbed in them. As a result, this leads to a lack of ovulation and an increase in the duration of the menstrual cycle.

Also, the delay in menstruation can cause a strong fluctuation in weight. This is due to the fact that estrogen is synthesized in adipose tissue. Sharp weight loss or weight gain leads to hormonal problems.

Sometimes the failure in the body of a woman gives such a disease as a uterine myoma. Although it is a benign tumor, its danger is not less than other diseases. Myomas often occur after abortions and as a result of hormonal disorders. Symptoms may not appear, and it is possible to detect formation only during a gynecological or prenatal survey. As a result of fibroid anemia, severe pain in the lower abdomen. Sometimes there is a violation of urination and difficulty in the act of defecation. Infertility often develops.

On the violation of the cycle of menstrual and negative indications of the pregnancy test may affect, oddly enough, the change of climatic belt, long and frequent trips. But this is not so terrible as the previous reasons described above. In doing so, it is worth giving your body a little rest, calming down and bringing it into the usual rhythm of life.

From all we can conclude that the calendar of menstruation should lead every woman without fail. This will help to identify a possible disease and prevent their development at an early stage. Watch yourself - this is the main guarantee of a healthy and happy future!

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