Nipples during pregnancy

How nipples change during pregnancy

The breast begins to respond to pregnancy from 10-14 days after conception, that is, immediately after implantation of the egg. And changes both the breast as a whole, and the nipples in particular. And this process lasts throughout the entire period of gestation of the baby.

Hypersensitivity of the nipples during pregnancy

One of the first signs of pregnancy is an increase in the sensitivity of the nipples. This feeling starts to irritate the woman: any touch to the nipple causes not just discomfort, but also makes you furious. Meanwhile, in many women, the nipples become supersensitive before each menstrual period, so often at this stage they still do not know anything, regarding this sign as a manifestation of premenstrual syndrome.

But when you are already aware that you are pregnant and your nipples hurt when pressed or touched, it is better to change the bra at once to the easiest and most convenient. The calyx should be perfectly smooth and smooth - without seams and irritating nipples of decorative elements. Some doctors recommend to put in the cups pieces of rough tissue, which will prepare the breast for future feeding, but at the same time reduce their sensitivity and soreness.

Air baths will also have a beneficial effect on the breast and reduce soreness. Yes, and my husband will be pleased with what to say. By the way, nipples knowingly become hypersensitive: so they protect the breast from unnecessary stimulation, which can lead to the release of the hormone oxytocin, which causes uterine contractions.

Nipple swelling during pregnancy

During the entire pregnancy, the breast significantly increases in size and becomes heavier 2-3 times. Naturally, with her nipples and swelling. All this is due to the activity of hormones. The nipple increases, becomes more elongated and embossed. Many women are upset with such changes, but they like men very much.

Darkening of the nipples during pregnancy

That's when you can really suspect that you are pregnant, this is when pigmentation begins to increase. The first signs of pregnancy include darkening of the nipples and areola. Not all women do this, but often the nipples become noticeably darker and even completely change their color.

By the way, similar changes can affect the sexual lips of women. But the nipples are, of course, easier to notice.

Montgomery's tubercles during pregnancy

Often already from the first weeks of pregnancy a woman notices the appearance of small pimples around the nipples. These are the tubercles of Montgomery, which are more correctly called glands. They are present in the areoles of each woman's nipples, but are especially noticeable during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

The number of Montgomery's glands can be very different - from a few pieces to multiple points along the nipple circle. But most often when their pregnancy is about 12 on each nipple. It is believed that the more bumps, the more a woman will have milk.

Montgomery's hillocks are rudimentary glands. Not necessarily, that they will manifest themselves during pregnancy, although it happens that they have been performing since the first days. In most cases, these glands are hidden after cessation of breastfeeding, although they often remain on the nipples. Do not worry about this - there's nothing wrong with that.

Isolation of colostrum during pregnancy

Since the second trimester, a pregnant woman can mark the discharge of colostrum from the nipples (transparent, whitish or yellowish liquid), although more often it occurs closer to the birth, in third trimester. "To blame" for this is again the hormones that prepare the breast for fast-feeding.

If you notice on your nipples droplets of colostrum, then in no case squeeze it out of your chest. Just gently blot and be sure to observe hygiene - take a shower twice a day. If inIf you need it, you can use the lining for your chest. By the way, it is very useful to lubricate the nipples with a droplet of colostrum - this prevents their drying and serves as prevention of the formation of cracks during feeding.

Stimulation of the nipples during pregnancy

And the last thing that can not be said is the stimulation of the nipples during pregnancy. Be very careful with this. Men really like the rounded shape of their pregnant beloved wives. Such breasts are simply a sin to be ignored, but this can be unsafe. Stimulation of the nipples during pregnancy leads the uterus into tone, which can provoke a threat of miscarriage or premature birth. When pregnancy is delayed or late, such natural stimulation can even be useful. But until the time of delivery has not yet come, it is better not to risk and not touch the nipples once again.

It should be said that the described changes with the breast and nipples do not necessarily manifest themselves. In some women, the breast does not change at all until the delivery itself, and only during the arrival of milk begins to swell and solidify. Do not worry if the breast changes did not touch you during pregnancy - this is also normal. Each woman is individual, and her pregnancy does not go the way she does the other.

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