Paid pregnancy management

Paid management of pregnancy - for and against

But, in any case, To be determined with the program of paid pregnancy management the woman will be offered after consulting with an expert. To the great convenience, in some clinics, programs have been developed both for the management of pregnancy from its onset and for childbirth and for pregnancy management programs, for example, from 12 weeks. Whichever tariff package the woman does not define for herself as the optimal one, they all presume compulsory examinations that are conducted in the district clinics (there they are free of charge - ultrasound, blood and urine tests, an electrocardiogram, scheduled examinations at the gynecologist). And to them - additional tests depending on the course of pregnancy, the individual characteristics of the future mother, the results of the tests. In addition, some programs include even remote contact with a doctor assigned to a pregnant woman in the event of a contract. In this way, a woman has the opportunity at any time to receive advice even in the telephone mode, if something is disturbing her.

Choosing one of the clinics that offer paid pregnancy management services, you should pay attention to whether there is necessary equipment and obstetricians. So, some centers not only provide pregnancy management, but also are equipped with a hospital and offer services for delivery - the birth contract is in addition to the contract for paid pregnancy. Other clinics, at the same time, do not conclude a contract for childbirth - cooperating with other institutions, they "transfer" the mother in the care of the hospital when the hour comes. In this case, it's good if the doctor who leads the pregnancy in a paid clinic, works in parallel obstetrician-gynecologist in this hospital: many specialists, being workers of maternity houses, at the same time work in the paid centers. Whatever it was, having your own hospital and maternity hospital in a private clinic is an important factor, because it is much safer to go to a hospital and give birth to specialists who have observed pregnancy and are "dedicated" to all of its "details and characteristics."

Also, when choosing a center, it matters how far the clinic is removed from the home (work place) of the pregnant woman: it will be much more convenient if the time for pick-up is reduced to a minimum. Choosing a clinic, you should also pay attention to how its funding is provided - usually this figure is estimated by the modern equipment, its quantity, even the appearance of the clinic premises. But, of course, the main condition for choosing a center is the literacy and professionalism of medical personnel: how skilled the pregnancy will be conducted, largely depends on the birth of a healthy baby, and the health of the mother.

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