Pain in the first month of pregnancy

Pain in the first month of pregnancy

One of the first and most common signs of pregnancy is abdominal pain: pain in the abdomen, on the sides or other - all individually. A woman can feel a drawing pain, similar to the months before the sensations, tension, discomfort. All these pains in the first month are in most cases considered normal symptoms of pregnancy. When a fertilized egg is attached to the wall of the uterus, the latter increases in size and begins to stretch. These feelings are very insignificant, and many women do not even notice them. Therefore, if the pain is severe and acute - you should not consider it a norm and it is better to immediately consult a doctor. However, minor cramps and spasms of the ovaries (and often secretion) are also possible - hormones are "to blame" for this. Uterine convulsions in the early period of pregnancy can occur during movement, exercise, or even orgasm. If a woman carries more than one child, very often she can feel a sharp and sharp pain in the groin area, which decreases with walking.

Discomfort in the lower abdomen is predominantly experienced by women, who had painful menstruation before pregnancy. To prevent this is almost impossible, and usually such pains soon pass by themselves.

Among the first signs of pregnancy - pain in the lower back. It can accompany you all pregnancy, appear from time to time or completely disappear in the second half of the term. Mitigating the supporting ligaments and discs and increasing the level of the hormone progesterone can also cause back pain in the early stages of pregnancy. The cause may be various infectious diseases of the bladder.

In addition, even from the first weeks of pregnancy, women can be tormented by headache (migraine), which is also one of the characteristic symptoms. Dehydration, abstinence from caffeine, premenstrual syndrome, Excessive eye strain or other diseases can cause chronic or chronic headaches. This is also promoted by increasing the level of hormones in the body.

So, we see that the pain in the first month of pregnancy does not at all mean that it is bad. But if something disturbs you, it is better to go to the doctor, who will determine the cause of the pain and give the necessary recommendations after the examination. Abdominal pain in the early stages can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy or inflammation of the fallopian tubes. In addition, the pain in the lower abdomen in the early stages often speaks of the threat of spontaneous abortion (hypertension of the uterus). In this case, you will be sent for preservation and will begin to be treated. By the way, in European medicine in the first weeks the threat of miscarriage is not treated (only after 12 weeks). This phenomenon is considered the norm, more than that - it is not recommended to be suppressed. The only exception is cramping pain. In all other cases, the woman is taught to respond correctly to the pulling pains in the lower abdomen: instantly it is necessary to relax the face, mouth and neck (there is a direct relationship between the muscles of the face and the perineum); breathe in and out, and maintain relaxation by breathing in your belly. Relaxation skills are very suited later in childbirth. So you have the right to choose: start treating an early pregnancy or trust in nature. But in any case, the diagnosis should be made only by a doctor.

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