Pain in the temples during pregnancy

Pain in the temples during pregnancy - basic pain and treatment

Headaches in pregnant women

Complaints of pain in the temples during pregnancy are very common. They are characteristic of the first and third trimesters. Headache in this case is persistent and prolonged, it can be acute with localization in the area of ??the temples. In this case, women ascertain the shingling effect of pain in the frontal part with the most severe symptoms in the temples. To cause discomfort, pain can be a long time, and maybe periods. Therefore, it is important for the woman herself to observe when, at what time they arise and how long they last. Sometimes finding out the cause and diagnosing such pain is very difficult.

If we talk about headaches in the first weeks of pregnancy, they occur often because of the influence of hormones on the woman's body. But in the third trimester, they can arise because of wearing extra weight. The most common form of headache in pregnant women is migraine. Its cause is the narrowing and widening of the blood vessels of the brain. According to medical statistics, every fifth expectant mother experiences migraines, and 15% of women face it for the first time, when a child is nurtured.

Causes of headaches in pregnant women

Doctors call the most common causes of headaches during pregnancy. These are: excessive consumption of caffeine (coffee), insomnia, fatigue, depression, hunger, dehydration, oxygen deficiency. All these factors affect the frequency and nature of headaches. But these are just the reasons that a woman can eliminate herself without medication. And yet, when a pregnant woman translates the body to reduce caffeine consumption, it can also experience a headache in the temples.

Sometimes the cause of pain in the temples can be an inflammation of the sinuses of the nose, which is called sinusitis. In such cases, the pain is localized behind the cheekbones and can be transferred to the temporal part. Such a pain is fraught with even a negative effect on the eyesight.

As for pain in temples in the third trimester, namely, late gestation, very often they can be caused by high blood pressure (hypertension). A pregnant woman must tell the observing gynecologist about such pains. If they concentrate in the frontal part and pass into the temporal part, accompanied by visual flashes of light, nausea, then the doctor should be treated immediately, without waiting for the appointed day of admission.

By the way, sometimes the causes of headaches in pregnant women can simply surprise. This pregnant women write on the forums, watching their appearance. So, some say that the pain arises even after eating a favorite before pregnancy chocolate or Chinese food! There is nothing surprising. After all, the change in the hormonal background and the shifts in some biochemical parameters respond to food.

Diagnosis of the causes of headache

Any kind of headache, if it occurs regularly, you need to treat after diagnosing the cause. Most often this method is X-ray computed tomography. It allows you to consider the formation of the skull, cerebral blood flow, other brain anomalies, possibly, traumatic.

Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain and spine helps in the diagnosis of tumors, sinusitis and other diseases that cause headache, including in the temples. A new method of investigation is magnetic resonance angiography. It makes it possible to diagnose a wider range of disorders, which are the causes of pain in the head.

Well, of course, monitoring blood pressure, tests, and examinations of the ophthalmologist are effective methods to identify the causes of headaches.

How to ease the pain in the temples?

The most important thing is to find the cause of the pain and correctly treat it. But sometimes it's hard to establish. If specific, serious causes of pain are not identified, then you can try to help yourself. So, you can apply a warm or cold compress to the fronto-temporal part. Try to take a shower more often. A cold shower narrows the dilated vessels in the body and is a good remedy for headaches. Perhaps you can help massage the neck and neck area.

Some women use essential oils to relieve pain in the temples. So, for example, oils of lavender, mint, Melissae have a calming effect. Rubbing a few drops in the whiskey will quickly relieve the pain. Other women state that an excellent remedy is the old and tested balm "Starlet".

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