Pertussis during pregnancy

Pertussis in pregnancy - symptoms and treatment

Pertussis is an acute infectious disease. The source of infection is a patient with a typical or atypical form of whooping cough or a healthy bacterial carrier. From person to person, the infection is transmitted by airborne droplets. The possibility of infecting others is too high for the first two weeks. Too susceptible people or people with low immunity on contact with the patient fall ill with a frequency of up to 90%. Very often pertussis infected children of preschool age.

Symptoms of whooping cough during pregnancy

Unfortunately, this unpleasant disease of pregnant women does not bypass. The development of the disease occurs gradually. Pertussis in pregnant women is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Lymph nodes increase.
  • A small cough appears, then a very strong cough, to exhaustion, with the release of viscous vitreous sputum.
  • A coughing attack can sometimes result in a mild respiratory arrest.
  • The body temperature rises.
  • Rhinitis appears.
  • A rash appears on the face and within two or three hours it is swiftly spread all over the body. Form of rash - small round or oval spots of pale pink color. When it disappears, there is no peeling and pigmentation, no scars. Patients with pertussis in pregnant women are placed in a hospital and treated with antibiotics, cough medicines, which do not harm the health of the pregnant woman. You can also take into account and take advantage of recipes of traditional medicine.

    < h3> Possible consequences

    An infectious disease during pregnancy can provoke very severe pathologies in the development of the fetus: congenital deafness, hemorrhagic syndrome, cataract, heart disease, malformation of the genitourinary system and digestive tract, skeletal damage and central nervous system.

    An incredibly big danger to the fetus occurs when a pregnant woman gets pertussis early in pregnancy, especially in the first eight weeks. The risk of fetal abnormality in this case reaches almost all of 100%. At later stages of pregnancy, the risk of developing a child's pathology is much reduced.

    Miscarriages are frequent in pregnant women with pertussis. The disease is so serious that it can lead to the birth of a dead child. Doctors urge a woman to interrupt pregnancy if the diagnosis of a terrible disease is identified and confirmed.

    In case of contact of a pregnant woman with an infected patient, the examinations are performed several times in order to diagnose the absence of infection or its detection.

    Drug treatment for whooping cough in pregnant women

    If the diagnosis is correct, then the pregnant woman is prescribed treatment. Not later than the first six weeks after the onset of cough, antibiotics from the macrolide group are attributed: azithromycin, erythromycin, or clarithromycin. The most qualitative, according to doctors, is azithromycin. This antibiotic is popular in the West.

    A one-time dose of azithromycin for a pregnant woman with pertussis is 500 milligrams on the first day of treatment. The next five days you need to take 250 milligrams of medication daily. Such treatment is safe for the fetus.

    For treatment of a cough for pregnant patients only Muciltin, tablets, which are made on the basis of the medicinal plant of marshmallows, is shown. Mucaltin take one or two tablets before meals three or four times a day. Duration of treatment is two weeks.

    An infant born to an infected mother, upon attaining one month of age, is prescribed azithromycin for the prevention. This antibiotic in young children does not cause side effects.

    Treatment of pertussis in pregnant women by folk remedies

    Before discussing the choice of a prescription for traditional medicine for treatment of whooping cough, be sure to consult a doctor. This condition can not be neglected. Many pregnant women often trust the advice of neighbors, girlfriends and use questionable methods of treatment. Remember: what can be useful to an ordinary patient, it will be disastrous for a pregnant woman and her unborn child! So, we offer recipes of traditional medicine for the treatment of whooping cough:

    1. You can treat whooping cough with the help of a mummy. The product has restorative, restorative, anti-inflammatory properties. Completely dissolve one gram of mummy in five tablespoons of warm water. Take medical fluid once a day for twenty minutes before eating for ten days.
    2. Wash and, together with the skin, grate the small black-radish fruit on a small grater. Lightly heat two teaspoons of honey. Mix the honey and radish thoroughly until a thick slurry forms. Put the mixture on a flat layer on a piece of cloth and put on your throat for twenty minutes. Cover the compress with something else warm. Compress remove and wipe the skin with any vegetable oil. Procedure do for the night.
    3. Wash the fruit of a black radish large. Cut a hole in the middle of the fruit. Pour it with one teaspoon of honey. Cover the radish with honey with a small saucer. Let it bite for a whole night. The next day, inside the fruit, juice is formed. Buck this juice with a teaspoon and drink it a few minutes before eating. Pour a spoonful of honey into the radish again. A few hours later the juice will appear again. And so three times a day for two weeks.
    4. Rub on a grater cabbage, beets with calculation, to get one glass of mass. Add two teaspoons of six percent vinegar and stir. Put the mixture in a dark place for two hours. Squeeze the juice and rinse your throat three to four times a day.
    5. Grind five hundred grams of onions, add fifty grams of honey and four hundred grams of sugar. Pour the mixture with one liter of water. Cook over moderate heat for three hours. Cool down. Take five teaspoons throughout the day until recovery.
    6. Dissolve three teaspoons of honey in two glasses of warm water. Rinse the mouth and throat with a solution to relieve the inflammation of the tonsils.
    7. Crush three hundred and fifty grams of licorice root and boil it in a liter of water over low heat for about ten minutes. Decoction of the broth. Take it in a warm form to improve the withdrawal of sputum for two teaspoons at least three times a day.
    8. Peel two onions, finely chop, pour two tablespoons of sugar. Leave it overnight. In the morning suppress in a mortar and strain through a fine strainer. Take one dessert spoon to calm the cough several times a day.
    9. Chop the root of licorice, pine buds, anise fruit, fennel, and thyme grass, two teaspoons of each plant. Pour 500 g of boiling water. Insist an hour. Strain. Take infusion in warm form for three teaspoons three times a day.
    10. Chop three teaspoons of anise fruit and fennel, two teaspoons of flax seeds and thyme. Pour three cups of boiling water. Let it brew for forty minutes. Take two tablespoons three times a day.
    11. Grind two teaspoons of leaves of plantain, mother-and-stepmother and three teaspoons of pine buds. Pour three cups of boiled water, let it brew for about an hour. Take at least three times a day for three teaspoons.
    12. Chop the fruits of anise, the herb of St. John's wort, the root of elecampane, the leaves of the plantain, the leaves of eucalyptus, the herb of peppermint, the flowers of marigold - one tablespoon of each. Stir thoroughly and pour 500 g of boiling water. Insist half an hour. Take two tablespoons of infusion four times a day.

    Old-timers advise pregnant women who suffer from whooping cough, more often in the open air near a source with running clean water. And in the room where the patient is, recommend to hang wet sheets. Experts believe that both running water and sheets, saturating the body with moisture, draws disease out of it. Believe or not to believe? In any case, no one will be harmed by such actions.

    Doctors believe that mandatory vaccination against pertussis is mandatory, because the benefit of the vaccine is greater than the risks. The vaccine against whooping cough was blamed for its effect on brain damage, in the sudden child death syndrome and so on. All the accusations were carefully examined, and it turned out that the vaccine had nothing to do with these problems.

    So, in order to protect yourself from this disease, you must, first of all, avoid contact with sick people. And if you get sick, then strictly follow the directions of your doctor. Take care of yourself and your unborn child!

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