Pink discharge during pregnancy

Causes of pink discharge in early and late pregnancy

Often such changes are also very unusual - many of them can not just surprise the future mom, but also frighten them. These, of course, include unexpected pink discharge, which appear without any cause.

However, do not panic: in the first trimester, bloody discharge is not uncommon in pregnant women. And 80% of women with such symptoms are completely happy with their miracle.

Such secretions can appear due to the sensitivity of the internal genital organs and their active blood supply, for example, after an ultrasound is performed by a vaginal sensor or using a gynecologist to inspect the mirror or even after making love. Such pinkish discharge can cause minor placental abruption, when blood is collected under them and then released to the outside. In addition, pink discharge is a signal that a fetal egg is implanted in the wall of the uterus.

There may be a small discharge on those days when a woman had a period before pregnancy. This is a hormonal character, and therefore - absolutely harmless. Often such discharges are accompanied also by stretching pains in the lower abdomen and in the lumbar region - it is slightly disliked - just like with menstruation.

In all of the above cases, pink discharge is most likely not to cause any trouble. They will quickly disappear, except that a little dirty underwear.

It's worth worrying if the emissions become so abundant that the gasket has to be changed hourly. This symptom most likely indicates a serious threat of termination of pregnancy, and therefore you just need to urgently visit your doctor. Maybe a sexual infection - then it's worth doing a smear. If the secretions are dark pink and even with a brown tinge - immediately to the doctor. A brown signal about coagulated blood, from which the body gradually gets rid of. Often the cause is a small hematoma. To cope with it the doctor will help: most likely, he will prescribe vitamins or hormonal preparations.

Pink discharge during pregnancy occurs in most women. They are explained by the hormonal changes in the body of the future mummy. Of course, it is not necessary to apply to a doctor, if there are no apparent reasons for that, but it's better to be safe than neglect your pregnancy.

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