Planning a child's sex

How to plan the sex of the unborn child?

So a boy or a girl? Is it possible & ldquo; order & rdquo; the stork has a child's sex? There are many people's councils, as well as various methods developed by scientists and physicians, who supposedly plan the sex of the child with accuracy. How much does this correspond to the truth?

Planning for a child's sex by ovulation

In fact, the responsibility for whether a boy or girl is born in the family rests with the father. Remember the school biology course, where you were told about X and Y-chromosomes. As we remember, the woman is the bearer of only the X-chromosome, but the man is both X and Y. If the female egg is fertilized by the sperm carrying the X chromosome, then the girl turns out if Y is a boy.

So, the developers of one of the methods of programming the sex of the child, they say that it is very important, when exactly in the time interval in relation to ovulation fertilization took place. If the sexual act occurred a few days before her, then most likely a girl will be born. This is due to the fact that the X chromosome, which has more impressive dimensions compared to its opposite, ldquo; sister & rdquo; , slower, but more hardy. That is, it can & ldquo; wait & rdquo; ovulation, when the male-type chromosomes are already dead. Proceeding from this, if the spouses abstained from sex for at least a week (that is, the field for the activity is clean), and sex occurred at the time of ovulation, then most likely the nimble and mobile Y-chromosomes attack the egg, and one of them still succeeds "Create" a boy.

It is for the same reasons (mobility of male chromosomes and slowness, but the vitality of female chromosomes) ldquo; order & rdquo; child, regulating the amount of sexual relations. For example, a couple with frequent (every day or one day) sexual intercourse by 90% has a chance to give birth to a boy, and vice versa.

Planning the sex of the child by blood

The second method of planning the child is based on the cyclic renewal of the blood of men and women. It is believed that a woman's blood is renewed once in three years, a man - once in four. The child, according to the authors of the method, will get such a sex, what gender is the parent with more & ldquo; young & rdquo; blood at the time of conception (where & ldquo; wins & rdquo; that parent whose residue was large). How can this be calculated?

The age of each parent at the time of conception (number of years) should be divided by the periodicity of blood renewal for his sex (that is, 3 for a woman and 4 for a man). The sex of the child will be such that the greater the number in the remainder.

Let's say a man is 24, and a woman is 22 years old. 24 divide by 4 and get 6. Female 22 years divide by 3 and get 7, 3333.. . . Logically, this couple should have a girl.

Using this method, it is necessary to take into account all cases of serious blood loss (surgery, trauma, childbirth), as blood renewal occurs in these cases. True, it is worth noting that until now this method has not received any scientific confirmation.

Other methods for planning a child's sex

There is another method of planning a child - the French diet - is quite popular, but it causes some concerns, because it is based on conscious long (at least three months) restriction of a number of vitamins and trace elements. Its authors convince that, observing a certain diet, it is possible to give birth to a child of the desired sex. So, those who dream of a boy are advised to eat foods containing a large amount of sodium and potassium, and those who are about the girl - magnesium and calcium. The diet should be strictly observed, and both: to the man and the woman. If the couple decided on this method, then its diet should now be built according to the table below.

The Chinese method of planning the sex of the child considers the age of the mother at the time of conception and the month when it actually happened. Information about the future father is not taken into account here at all. Strangely enough, many of the women who have given birth to women actually coincide with reality. Here the main thing is to clearly know the month when the fertilization took place.

And finally. . .

Do not describe & ldquo; folk & rdquo; tips like & ldquo; want a boy - make love in hot weather & rdquo; and the like. We cited the most common methods, which, in our opinion, have the chance of at least 50% called effective. In fact, none of them has been scientifically proven and exists more as a theory, the confirmation of which is just a coincidence.

If you and your husband are people who are gambling enough, then you can try to play with fate in this lottery. But remember, it will happen that way, as it should happen. Therefore, no matter whoever settles under your heart, let him be healthy and happy!

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