Plots Siberian healer from infertility

Plots of the Siberian healer from infertility

The power of conspiracy

In folk magic, accumulated a lot of rituals and customs, which are designed to help a woman to become longer, take out a child and safely resolve it. Many of the practices have not changed for centuries, absorbed only the strength and energy of women who became mothers with their help.

A conspiracy for successful conception is a specific verbal formula that modifies the circumstances associated with the process of fertilization with the sperm of the egg, the development of the embryo, the abandonment of the mother's womb. At the same time, almost all Slavic slanders are designed for the couples' bed, a married couple. Practicing them is necessary only with their own husband, and starting to read the plots should be on a young moon, the growing moon. So the rite will promote growth in the womb of the fetus. All this concerns the conspiracies of the Siberian healer Natalia Stepanova. The famous doctor is popular with her simple and accessible all folk rites, which are used far beyond Siberia. Natalia Stepanova is a folk master, unselfishly serving thousands of people with a lot of ailments, including infertility.

She recommends that infertile women believe in rituals, combine them with prayers for pregnancy. Thus, some practices will be reinforced by others. Also it is good to carry out treatment with herbs, phytotherapy.

During the reading of the conspiracy, you must concentrate on words as much as possible. It is necessary to sink into the state of the desire achieved. Believing in such ceremonies, according to Natalia Stepanova, you can achieve the desired, without wasting expensive medicine with medications.

Rite with the Moon

This magical ritual is a strong conspiracy to conceive. However, it will be effective only in the new month. He must be visible in the sky at night.

At midnight you need to stand in front of a mirror, while setting it so that it displays the moon. We must undress and look carefully at our reflection, imagine ourselves pregnant. Further it is necessary to read such words: "A month is new, a beloved, dear in heaven you have a place, but only I'm your bride. You were born today, and I, the servant of God (full name), give birth to a child for joy, to yourself for joy, to glory to you. Let it be so, amen! ". After that, you have to go to your matrimonial bed and conceive a child.

Plots for an early pregnancy

This ceremony should be performed on the 3-4th day of the new moon. It is necessary to take a rope and read over it such words: "I myself am getting an assistant. To his hands are fat, to the body emaciated, so that the knocks pounding to conceive a child. As the month of the month in the sky comes, so also the slave (full name) the fruit begins and grows in the name of Christ the Savior, amen, amen, amen. " This ritual is repeated on a rope every day with tying a knot after reading the words. Do this for 40 consecutive days. When 40 knots are formed on the rope, then the child will be conceived.

Another version of the conspiracy and rite for an early pregnancy must necessarily be carried out by a non-native barren woman woman. It can be a friend or a relative of the husband.

To conduct such a rite, you must come to the bathhouse in the morning. A barren woman, over whom the conspiratorial words will be read, must remove the hairpins, belt, clothes, shoes, and dissolve the hair. She must wear only a nightie. Then the woman stands with her right foot in the pelvis, left on the floor. A reading friend or friend stands behind her and says these words: "There will be a servant of God (full name) in the morning with one foot in the bathtub. The slave (full name of the husband) will call for good. Give them power bright child smart. To cry out loud in forty weeks fast and nine months fleeting. To sweet lips joined the breast young. To dashingly it did not touch, and the heavy birth of a slave (name) went around. Let the husband take the child, the name will give him the worldly. As the foot of a slave (name) stands firmly, firmly, so the word will be firm, strong. What is conceived, it will be fulfilled. What is said will come to pass. " After finishing the reading of the plot, a barren woman puts a second foot in the pelvis, closes her eyes and says: "I hope, I believe, I expect the child". Next, she wipes her own shirt three times, touching her face, chest and stomach.

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