Plums during pregnancy

Plums in pregnancy - benefits, contraindications and risks of use

Benefits and harms of draining during pregnancy

In addition to good taste, plums also have medicinal properties. They are useful to healthy people, supplement the diet with diets due to the rich composition. There are in this fruit vitamins and substances necessary for a healthy life of the body.

In 100 grams of garden plum contains 87 grams of water, almost 10 grams of carbohydrates, 0, 8 proteins. Besides, the plum composition includes potassium and sodium, calcium and magnesium, phosphorus and copper, manganese and zinc, chromium and iodine. As for the vitamin composition, it is B1 and B2, PP and B6, C and E.

Plum is rich in vitamin PP, which helps lower blood pressure and strengthens blood vessels. By the way, this vitamin is perfectly preserved even with heat treatment. Therefore, dried and frozen plums also have the above effect.

Fresh plums and prunes have a mild laxative effect. Their use during pregnancy is recommended for constipation. Prunes help to remove cholesterol from the body.

Potassium compounds in these healthy fruits have a diuretic effect. And this helps to remove excess fluid from the body of the future mother if she suffers from swelling. In addition, potassium, which in 100 grams of plum contains 214 milligrams, is of great importance in supporting the activity of the nervous system. So, he is involved in the transmission of nerve impulses and muscle contraction, supporting cardiac activity and acid balance in the body. Under its influence, not only the removal of excess fluid from the body, but also bile secretion, is enhanced. All these properties of potassium in the composition of plums are useful for future mothers.

Also, nutritionists recommend using these fruits to stimulate appetite. And in the fruits contain coumarins that have the property to prevent the formation of blood clots in the vessels, treat thromboses, dilate the coronary vessels.

As for the stomach and the use of these fruits, they are very easily digested, strengthen the liver, purify the blood, relieving it of toxins.

Dried plums are helpers in lowering the temperature. Since pregnant women are not welcome to take chemical antipyretic drugs, the use of plums will be just the way.

If their taste is sour, then this indicates immaturity plums. You do not need to eat such fruits, because it can cause diarrhea. Contraindicated plum and with diabetes. Given their diuretic effect, it is not recommended to use them for rheumatism.

Pregnant women are important to observe the measure of eating any fruits. Thus, the use of fruit on an empty stomach, in the morning, including draining, will be useful. Then you can have them in the form of desserts during the day.

If the future mother suffers from constipation, then you can use a decoction from the sink (compote).

The use of plums is also the excretion of radioactive elements due to pectin substances in their composition.

Possible use of plums in pregnancy

About the fact that plums and prunes are very effective in helping to deal with stool delays, all pregnant women know, and very often use this fruit in the fight against constipation. But it can be useful in other conditions.

Dried plums are helpers in lowering the temperature. Since pregnant women do not want to take chemical antipyretic drugs, the use of plums will be just the way for colds with fever.

Prunes in prune milk will serve as a pregnant woman a good escape from calluses. To do this, pour prunes very hot milk, hold the hour and apply to calluses or natoptysham. You can fix the folk remedy on your feet for the night. Then the next morning the skin will soften significantly, and with the help of 2-3 such procedures on calluses can be forgotten.

For pregnant women it will be useful to use the leaves of plums as decoctions. They have a wound-healing effect, so you can make compresses from the broth for wounds, cuts, abrasions.

And more fruits can be used as a cosmetic. The presence in the plum of vitamins C, E, B will serve as a good assistant in caring for the skin of the future mother in the masks. So, chopped pulp of plums in combination with honey and yolk will produce a moisturizing effect, help in smoothing out fine wrinkles.

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