Polysorb during pregnancy

Polysorb during pregnancy - instructions for use, reviews

Why is polysorb useful in pregnancy?

Polysorb belongs to the group of drugs-enterosorbents - substances of a special structure, They are able to absorb other substances from their environment (into which they fall). In this case, these are gases, toxins, allergens, decay products, heavy metal salts, radioactive substances, alcohol, chemical medicines and other unnecessary stuff, including excess metabolic products (bilirubin, urea, cholesterol).

Such a need can arise in a number of cases. Most often, sorbents are used for poisoning, manifestations of allergic reactions, skin diseases. Polysorb can be prescribed for bronchial asthma, dysbacteriosis, hepatic and renal insufficiency, metabolic disorders, infectious diseases, viral hepatitis A and B, withdrawal syndrome and other pathological conditions. But with regard specifically to the period of bearing a baby, the leaders among the reasons, undoubtedly, goes toxicosis. This is the main indication for the use of polysorb during pregnancy.

How does polysorb during pregnancy?

When entering the gastrointestinal tract, Polisor envelops its mucous membrane with a sorbent film that absorbs harmful substances withdrawn to the intestinal cavity from blood, lymph and intercellular fluid (this transportation is possible due to the osmotic properties of silicon dioxide). In the future, all these substances and remnants of the drug are removed from the body together with the calves.

Since Polysorb does not enter the systemic bloodstream, it does not pose any danger to the future baby, and is therefore allowed for use during pregnancy and later - during breastfeeding.

Pregnant women respond to the Polysorb product in different ways: to someone it helps to moderate only vomiting, and someone saves and from nausea.

How to take Polysorb during pregnancy

Despite the safety of Polysorb, it is better to take it during the gestation period, on the recommendation of the doctor and according to the prescribed scheme. An adult single dose of the drug is usually 1 tablespoon with a powder slide 3 times a day (or 12 grams per day).

Powder for the preparation of the suspension must necessarily be diluted in still water: 0, 5-1 cup will be enough.

The course of treatment Polisorb in case of toxicosis of pregnant women is 10-12 days, unless another doctor has prescribed.


The manufacturer, without too much modesty, that polysorb by its effectiveness is superior to almost all known analogues. But even such an "ideal" drug may contain dangers and surprises.

Future mothers who take Polysorb during pregnancy should be aware that it removes from the body and also useful substances (in particular, vitamins and mineral salts), so it should be taken with a difference of at least 1 hour with vitamin preparations and food.

Be prepared for the fixing side effect of Polysorb. And if you are suffering from constipation during pregnancy, then consult your gynecologist about the appropriateness of using this drug.

Be sure to pay attention to the contraindications to the use of the Polysorb. This is an intestinal obstruction, an exacerbation of a stomach or duodenal ulcer, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, as well as an individual intolerance to silicon dioxide.

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