Prayer at birth

Prayer for mild childbirth and the birth of a healthy child

A believing woman knows well that without God's help she can not cope. Prayer does not leave her neither in the days of preparation for conception, nor during pregnancy, nor during childbirth. Many may be challenged: but how to pray at birth for a woman giving birth? After all, you need to think about fights, attempts & hellip; Holy fathers teach that a person should pray every free minute. This applies to the woman in labor during labor. Reading prayer calms, and its power invisibly helps at the most difficult moment.

Spiritual preparation

You have to prepare for birth not only physically and mentally, but also spiritually. What does it mean? A pregnant woman must visit the temple before the birth, be in the service, confess and receive the Holy Mysteries. Regardless of how you "wear" your baby, childbirth can be unpredictable. And not always doctors can influence the outcome of delivery. God is merciful and all-powerful only.

A few centuries ago, the mother was unable to rely on anyone except God. The midwife midwives did not start the pregnant woman without praying. In the corner before the icons burned a lamp, and all loved ones sincerely prayed. Today, people rely heavily on doctors, and only in extreme cases they recall prayer. Few people now believe in miracles. But they happen. According to our faith, it will be for us. There are many cases when prayer during childbirth performed miracles: severe labor pains subsided, who could not be relieved of the burden, were allowed, and even bleeding in childbirth stopped.

Whom to pray to?

For a long time, from generation to generation, a tradition is handed over at birth to pray before the icons of the Mother of God "In the Births of the Assistant", "Infant Infant," "Theodore", "Healer", "Skoroposlushnitsa" & hellip; And this is not a complete list, because there are many miraculous icons in the Orthodox Church. But the main thing is not before which icon to bow in prayer, the main thing is sincere prayer. Pray for a woman in childbirth should be close people. It is good for these days to order a prayer service in the church, read the akathists of the Mother of God and other saints.

First of all in all afflictions we turn to the Theotokos. She hears us and helps. By its purity and holiness, the Blessed Virgin bore the Son of God painlessly. After experiencing human difficulties, she understands each of us.

When giving birth, they also pray to Saint-Great Martyr Catherine, Xenia of Petersburg, Anastasia Usozrasreshitelnitsa. With difficult births, pray to the righteous Joachim and Anna, the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Zechariah and Elizabeth, the parents of John the Forerunner. Both married couples were barren until they were old, but they did not lose faith and incessantly prayed until the Lord gave them a child.


Prayer to the Lord Jesus Christ

Lord Jesus Christ, our God, from the Ancestral Father, born to the Son before the age, and in the last days, by favor and cooperation Holy Spirit, I am born out of the Holy Virgin as a baby, and I will put it into the manger. The Lord Himself, in the beginning, creating a man and wife conjug him, Give the command to them: Grow up, and multiply, and fill the earth; Have mercy on Thy great mercy Thy servant (name), preparing to give birth according to Thy commandment. Forgive her free and unwilling sins, grant her the power to safely be removed from her burden, keep this and the baby in health and prosperity, protect my angels and keep from the hostile actions of evil spirits, and from every evil thing. Yako the Good and the Lover of mankind, and to You we send glory, to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever and forever and ever. Amen

Prayer for the Icon of the Mother of God "In the Birth of the Helper"

Prayer, Madonna of the Mother of God, tearful prayers of Your servants coming to you. We see in the holy icon in the womb that bears our Son and our God, the Lord Jesus Christ. If you have painlessly given birth to Him, both of the sorrow of the weight of the weight and the infirmities of the sons and daughters of human beings. It is warmer to the warmth of your purposeful image, and this love is tenderly tender, we pray to Thee, the all-merciful Lady: we are guilty of sinners condemned in the diseases of the motherland and feed our children in mercy, mercifully spare and compassionately intercede, but our babies, as well as their babies, and deliver bitter sorrow. Give them health and well-being, and power will grow by force because of the increase, and their nourishing ones will be filled with joy and consolation, for as the present and your present from the mouth of the baby and the sucking, the Lord will perform His praise. O Mother of the Son of God! Have mercy on the mothers of the sons of men, and on your feeble people: the diseases that have befallen us soon healed, the sorrows afflicted us and sorrowed, and do not despise the tears and sighs of your servants. Hear us in the day of trouble before the icon of your fellows, and on the day of joy and deliverance, accept the grateful praises of our hearts. Lift our supplications to the throne of your Son and our God, and be merciful to sin and our infirmity, and grant His mercy to His leading Name, as we, and our children, glorify Thee, the merciful Intercessor and faithful Hope of our race, for ever and ever .

Prayer Two

Oh, Most Blessed Lady Lady of the Theotokos, leaving us in the earthly life! To whom I will raise my prayers, to whom I will bring tears and sighs, not to You, to all the faithful Consolation! With fear, faith, love, Mother of Belly, I pray: May the Lord instruct the people of the Orthodox for salvation, may He give us a child for You and Your Son for the sake of goodness, let us keep in purity of humility, in the hope of Christ of salvation, in the covers of thy grace, earthly consolation. Keep us under the mercy of Thy mercy, the Most Pure, praying for the birth of help, the libel of the wicked free, the grievous troubles, the misfortunes and deaths turn away. Give gracious insight, a spirit of contrition for sin, let us see all the height and purity of the doctrine given to us; keep us from perishing alienation. Yes vsi, gratefully glorifying your majesty, will be granted to the heavenly peace and with your beloved, with all the saints we will glorify in the Trinity of the One God: the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer to the MostHoly Mother of God before Her Icon "Theodore"

Troparion, Tone 4: The Coming of Your Honor Icon, Bogotrokovice, happy day, God-protected city of Kostroma, like ancient Israel to the covenant of the covenant , flows into the image of Your face and Your God, incarnate from You, and Your Mother to him, intercedently pardon to all under the shadow of Your shelter, the peace-loving people and the great mercy.

Kontakion 1: The rebellious Voevoda, the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Our Intercessor and the Christian Representation of the ungodly, the phenomenon of the marvelous Icon of Our joy to the Earth-giving Russia and all the faithful children of the Church enlightened, thanks to Zeus, the Theotokos, and pridepayusche your image of the Thorn, with a touch of the verb. Save, Mistress, and have mercy on Your servants, calling: Rejoice, Mother of God, Our Intercessor and Intercessor is our zealous.

Prayer: To whom I call, the Lady, to whom I will resort in my sorrow; to whom I will bring tears and sighs, if not to You, Queen of Heaven and earth: who will pluck me from the sins of sin and lawlessness, if not Thou, O Mother of Belly, Intercessor and refuge of the human race. Hear my groaning, comfort me and have mercy on my bitterness, protect me in troubles and misfortunes, save me from bitterness and sorrows, and all kinds of diseases and diseases, from the enemy visible and invisible, dying the hostility of those who are clinging to me, and I will be delivered from the calumny and malice of the human ; so from my own flesh of vile customs let me go. Take shelter of me under the mercy of Your mercy, may I restore peace and joy and purification from sins. Your Maternal intercession myself I entrust; wake me Mati and hope, cover, and help, and intercession, joy and consolation, and an ambulance in all the Helper. Oh, wonderful Mistress! Everyone flows to You, without Your help, He does not withdraw all the help; For this cause, and I unwillingly seek refuge with You, so I will be delivered from the sudden and fierce death, gnashing of dental and eternal torment. But in the Kingdom of Heaven, I will be pleased and to You in the emotion of the heart of the river: Rejoice, Mother of God, the Intercessor and Intercessor, our zealous, for ever and ever. Amen.

Prayer at birth

Oh, Glorious Mother of God, have mercy on me, Your servant, and come to my aid during my illnesses and dangers with which all the poor daughters of Eve are born. . Remember, O Blessed One in wives, with what joy and love You went hurriedly to a mountainous country to visit your Elisabeth akin during her pregnancy and what a marvelous visit was made by a blessed visit to Your mother and baby. And from thy inexhaustible mercy grant me also, more afflicted than Thy servant, to be free from burdens; grant me this grace, that the child, now resting under my heart, came to life with a joyful vigilance, like the holy baby John, worshiped the Divine Lord Savior, who, out of love for us, sinners, did not abhor himself and become an infant himself. The unheeded joy with which the virgin Your heart was filled in the sight of the newborn Son and Lord, may please the tribulation that lies ahead of me among the diseases of birth. The life of the world, my Savior, born of you, may save me from death, which cuts off the life of many mothers at the time of resolution, and the fruit of my womb be counted among the elect of God. Hear, O Most Holy Queen of Heaven, my humble entreaty, and look at me, poor sinner, with the eye of Thy grace; Do not be ashamed of my trust in Your great mercy and fall me. Assistant of Christians, Healer of diseases, yes I will be comforted and I will experience on myself that You are the Mother of Mercy, and may I glorify thy grace, which has never rejected the prayers of the poor, and relieves all who call upon Thee in times of trouble and sickness. Amen.

It is not necessary to pray these prayers, standing in front of a certain icon. Pray "Our Father & hellip; ", Say Jesus' prayer, pray in your own words, asking for help in childbirth.

Remember, the salvation of a woman, according to God's providence, is in childbirth. Believe me, God will not leave us on the road to salvation!

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