Pregnancy and the train

Can I get pregnant by train?

However, when going to the sea, be sure to consult a doctor who leads you during pregnancy. Perhaps you have serious medical contraindications regarding such a trip. This can be:

  • placenta previa. The fact is that if the placenta is located low, then even a small load can increase the risk of bleeding. This problem is determined by performing ultrasound.
  • The threat of termination of pregnancy. In this case, you must observe bed rest.
  • Toxicosis of the second half of pregnancy. With this problem, edema appears on the legs, hands, face, blood pressure may increase, and the protein in the urine also appears.
  • exacerbation of allergies, various chronic diseases. Then you can not go far from the city, because at any time you may need medical help.

If all of this, fortunately, passed, then you can safely gather in a trip to the sea. The best time for vacation is the second trimester of pregnancy. During this period, a woman who has a baby, feels more comfortable, because morning nausea and constant fatigue take place.

There are some recommendations of doctors and about where to rest. Therefore, when choosing a sea holiday, be sure to consider the following:

In the second half of pregnancy you can not dramatically change the climate, so choose a resort that is in the climatic zone where you live.

The air temperature should not exceed 30-35 degrees. Therefore, if possible, it is recommended to go to the resorts of the Baltic States, Croatia and Turkey, rather than to relax in Mexico or the United Arab Emirates.

Stay away from exotics. Leaving for Africa or India "in position", you are at risk of catching an infectious disease. Consider also the fact that during pregnancy it is undesirable to get vaccinated against any infections, because in this case, any vaccination can harm the future baby. Think about whether the child's health is worth the realization of your dreams.

But enough about prohibitions and contraindications. Let's talk about the pleasant. In general, the marine climate is very useful for a future mother. Particularly well relaxes muscles, tones up the nervous system and helps with stress bathing in sea water. After all, it is saturated with salts and microelements, which make the body healthier. In addition, during bathing you will not feel the heaviness of your body, which will help to relax better. Do not forget about the benefits of swimming in general. After all, this is an excellent training of the respiratory and muscular system of the body, the main thing is not to overdo it and avoid heavy loads.

As for sunbathing, you need to be very careful here, because you are PREGNANT. Remember that:

  • a long stay in the sun contributes to the development of uterine bleeding;
  • you can easily overheat and faint;
  • After sun bathing, you may develop varicose veins on your legs;
  • The sun also contributes to the appearance of pigmentation.

Going to the road, try to take into account all the nuances of the future rest. The main thing, do not forget to bring your loved one, because it will be your last vacation together, next time, at sea you will ride, at least three of them.

Have a nice rest and take care!

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