Pregnancy test after IVF

On what day after IVF is it advisable to do the test?

Symptoms of pregnancy before testing

ECO is called a rescue straw for those who have lost the hope to conceive, bear and give birth to children. Such procedures usually take place in a state of experience and emotional stress. They are strengthened after the final procedure of IVF - transfer to the uterus of a fertilized embryo, which should continue its development there. It is this period of hope and expectation that is the most important and at the same time difficult for the spouses. After all, no clinic does not give a 100% guarantee for a positive outcome of IVF.

Since the waiting period for the effectiveness of IVF is difficult, you should also observe your condition during this period. Symptoms of pregnancy are similar to usual: swelling of the mammary glands, frequent urination, pain in the lower abdomen. Sometimes during the embryonic period, the embryo can damage the uterus's mucous tissue, which provokes a small amount of blood. Also, women become drowsy, weak, there is swelling of the legs, nausea and vomiting. If the above symptoms give too much information about yourself, then before the test you need to see a doctor to exclude the threat of interruption of the pregnancy.

Reliability of tests

Since artificial insemination is performed against hormonal therapy, it also affects the timing, ways of confirming the pregnancy that has occurred. Doctors do not always recommend the use of conventional pregnancy tests for this diagnosis, which produce a result with the help of urinalysis. This type of test often shows incorrect results. There are different cases, about which women tell on the forums. For example, the first time such a test gave a positive result in the form of two strips, a day or two - negative. In such cases, the joy of a woman is changed by a strong disappointment, nervousness. To avoid this, you need to be prepared for a negative result, tune in to it and take it calmly.

And still be sure to ask your doctor on what day after the in vitro fertilization test can show the desired result. The doctor will advise you to donate blood for the presence of beta-hCG hormone. This method deserves more confidence, and to do such an analysis should be on the twelfth day after the IVF procedure. If hCG in the blood is present, then there is pregnancy. True, there is an exception to this rule. It means the need for treatment with the above hormone. In this case, the test should be done only 5 days after the injection.

So, the time of the test came, and you did it. The result can have 3 options: positive, negative, weakly positive. The latter result occurs with delayed embryo implantation or with an ectopic pregnancy. Positive or negative test options will also not give you a 100% guarantee of the result. Therefore, 2-3 such diagnostics should be done, preferably using tests from different manufacturers. If all three times your result is positive, you should not neglect the blood test for hCG. After all, the doctor will trust him. In addition, to make sure you need to do an ultrasound. If several methods of diagnosis, including test strips, gave a positive result, then you can be congratulated. If this is not the case, the consequences of an unsuccessful replanting and IVF procedure may be a woman's depression, weight gain against the background of changes in the hormone level. Often after this, relapses of old chronic diseases occur. Have patience and faith! After all, such attempts can be done several times, and perhaps the next time your test will show a long-awaited and reliable positive result.

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