Preparing for pregnancy

How can a woman properly prepare for pregnancy?

Ideally, preparation for pregnancy should begin two or three months before the planned conception, and both parents should take part in it. The given time is in principle enough to adapt the way of life for the safe conception and development of the child, to visit all the doctors in order to exclude possible risks in the state of health, to balance the diet of the diet, which also largely depends on the successful pregnancy and the birth of the child.

Preparing for pregnancy is a complex activity that usually begins with a visit to a number of doctors. The therapist, knowing about the parents' desire for replenishment in the family, will send urine and blood tests for common chronic diseases (anemia, hypertension, kidney diseases), blood pressure measurement. Blood should also be given to determine the group and Rh factor in order to avoid complications during pregnancy and any unexpected pathologies. If chronic diseases are identified, consultation by a specialized doctor will be required, and if it is an acute illness, it is necessary to inform the doctor about taking all the medicines that have taken place recently. Consultation with a gynecologist will make it possible to exclude the presence of infection by smear on the microflora of the vagina. Even if the parents are confident in the absence of dangerous infections, one should not forget that they can leak secretly and asymptomatically. Therefore, it is better to completely eliminate the dangerous to the child chlamydia, toxoplasmosis, herpes, syphilis, hepatitis, rubella. In addition, it is necessary to inform the gynecologist about the contraceptive methods used by the couple, the contraceptive pill, for example, it is desirable to stop taking it 3 months before the planned conception. Do not forget about the dentist: Before pregnancy it is necessary to bring a teeth and an oral cavity in order to completely exclude an infection hit to the kid.

As for the way of life: probably, it is not necessary to say that, first of all, it is necessary to get rid of bad habits that will not benefit the child in any way. It's about alcohol and cigarettes (drugs are better and not at all to mention - they need to be avoided in all circumstances). Consumption of tea and coffee is also better to reduce to a minimum, allowing yourself no more than 2 cups a day. Of great importance is the diet of future parents: it must be balanced and complete, with enough vitamins and trace elements. Beneficial effect on the body of the future mother, and in the future and on the development of the fetus, the woman's additional intake of folic acid, which provides a full development of the baby in the early stages of pregnancy. In addition to the fact that it is desirable to take folic acid as part of multivitamin complexes, it can be extracted from food products such as legumes, nuts, potatoes, fresh greens, cabbage, carrots. At the same time, foods that have preservatives, dyes, flavors should disappear from the diet.

Active way of life - that's what causes a relatively easy pregnancy and the same easy appearance of a child. Long walks in the fresh air, an everyday 15-20 minutes charging and, especially, exercises on the press will make a woman more hardy and sturdy. Adjustable physical loads will prepare the future mother's body for a "settlement" in it of a new tenant who, under condition of proper mother's preparation, she will not bring any discomfort to her body.

It is known that stress and frequent nervous and mental shocks can not be considered as positive factors, and on the eve of pregnancy - even more so. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to exclude these "elements" from life, spending more time on positive emotions and impressions. Experts recommend that during preparation for pregnancy, among other things, exclude the effect on the body of parents of elevated temperatures - refrain from visiting the steam room. Unsuitable sauna or bath to both mom and dad: high temperatures adversely affect the ability of its germ cells to fertilize, which is restored only a few weeks after exposure to these highest temperatures. Also, men are advised to forget about extreme sports for the period of preparation for pregnancy and pay attention to underwear - it should not be either tight or synthetic.

Upon completion of proper preparation, parents with a quiet heart and more confidence will be able to "work" on the conception of a baby. In order to maximally calculate the optimal time for conception, you can use the methods of its planning. In order to become pregnant, under the condition of regular sex 2-3 times a week, this can go away from several months to a year, which depends on many factors. If pregnancy still does not occur, you should consult a doctor for advice that can determine if this is related to health. Even if it is, then you should not get upset: modern medicine in most cases cures both female and male infertility.

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