Probability of pregnancy

Questions about the probability of pregnancy

In today's article, we will consider such issues as the probability of pregnancy when using various contraceptives. After all, often the onset of pregnancy is due to the misuse of contraceptives or methods that are difficult to classify as protective against pregnancy. Let's take a closer look at the most popular of them.

Question number 1. What is the probability of pregnancy when using a condom?

According to experts, Pregnancy when using a condom occurs in very rare cases and most often due to its misuse. In addition, there is a high probability of pregnancy when using a condom of questionable production. That's why condoms should be bought at the pharmacy and carefully studied the shelf life of this preservative. Special attention should be given to the instructions of the condom and its correct use. An important aspect is the size of the condom so that during sexual intercourse it does not slip, and the sperm does not get into the sexual way of the partner. Thus, we came to the conclusion that with the proper use of a quality and undamaged condom, the probability of pregnancy is virtually reduced to zero. Well, if you want to be safe, then we advise you to additionally use spermicides, which are applied to the penis before using a condom.

Question number 2. What is the probability of pregnancy when using oral contraceptives?

With proper and regular use of oral contraceptives, the probability of pregnancy is very low. The risk of unwanted pregnancy increases due to the skip of even one tablet. Therefore, if you missed taking the pill, you should take advantage of additional methods of contraception. However, oral contraceptives are considered to be the most effective contraceptive, by suppressing ovulation, and their effectiveness is more than 90%.

Question number 3. What is the probability of pregnancy when using a method such as interrupted sexual intercourse

To begin with, interrupted intercourse should not be attributed to the method of contraception, since it is simply impossible to fully control the "interrupted process". In addition, you should know that, together with lubrication, a small amount of spermatozoa is released in men, which can subsequently lead to unwanted pregnancies. Therefore, dear women, if you do not plan a pregnancy, we do not recommend you to resort to the method of interrupted sexual intercourse, even if your partner swears that he completely controls the process, and there have not been any problems yet. The risk that you will be the first with which everything went under another scenario is very large.

Question number 4. What is the probability of pregnancy when using the douching method?

Among women, douching is a very popular method of contraception (rinsing of the genital tract with water, soda, etc.). The probability of pregnancy in these cases is quite high, especially in days of ovulation. The fact is that during sexual intercourse spermatozoa take only a few seconds to penetrate into the uterus, where the douching composition simply will not reach. In addition, when syringing you do harm to your body, as you break the microflora of intimate places. Remember that douching is a medical procedure that is performed only according to the doctor's prescription.

Thus, we came to the conclusion that with the proper use of quality and proven methods of contraception, it is not difficult to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Take care of yourself and be well!

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