Probability to become pregnant

When is the probability of becoming pregnant the highest?

Conception and ovulation

So, let's start with the fertile (fertile) period of conception of a woman. It comes in the middle of the cycle, called ovulation and lasts 1-2 days. If a woman has a regular, stable menstrual cycle lasting 28 days, then the period of ovulation should be waited for 14 days from the beginning of the cycle. At this time, the mature egg leaves the follicle into the fallopian tube. There she is already ready to meet with a sperm that can fertilize her. That is, for the onset of conception, so that the sexual act took place at this time and was unprotected. And then much depends on the health of men. If his spermatozoa are weak, then the egg can not be fertilized. How to find out? A man must pass a spermogram. It will show how active (healthy and able to fertilize) its spermatozoa. If there are problems, then perhaps you need to heal, and maybe just change your lifestyle.

Healthy conditions for conception

It should be recalled that a lifestyle should be healthy for both partners. That is, if you are planning a pregnancy, successfully passed a medical examination, then you need to create favorable conditions for the conception of the child. This is similar to the development of the flower. Will the seed germinate, planted by the owners hastily, without desire, in bad soil and in a dark place? Of course not! So the conception should occur in active and healthy parents, rationally eating enough to stay in the fresh air, without stress and bad habits. This need to be discussed separately, because the influence of tobacco and alcohol even one of the parents significantly reduces the chances of conception.

Let's return to the health of male sperm. In some cases, when there are problems with sperm motility, it will be enough for the partner to change tight clothing (tight jeans) to a freer one, so that the organs of the small pelvis will not be squeezed; less time to spend in a sitting position (at the computer); quit smoking or deliver & bdquo; cross & rdquo; on his addiction to beer. Recently, many men have changed hard drinks for beer, consuming it almost every day. Considering it safer, they are very mistaken, because doctors are increasingly talking about the diagnosis & bdquo; beer alcoholism & rdquo; . For women, alcohol is a barrier to the production of progesterone - a hormone, without which pregnancy is impossible.

How not to get pregnant

Now let's talk about how to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

So, the reliability of the condom is 98-99%. But many couples simply do not want to use it because of dulling sensations. Sometimes the cause of dislike for a rubber product is an allergy to latex. Therefore, partners resort to an interrupted sexual intercourse. It should be noted that spermatozoa almost always exist in pre-ejaculate - a fluid that is released before ejaculation. Therefore, in the case of "late" men, a woman has a chance to become pregnant (especially during the period of ovulation) with this method of contraception. After all, only one sperm is needed for the fertilization of an egg!

One of the most reliable methods of contraception are oral contraceptives. They are recommended for couples living a regular sex life. The most important condition for their reliability is the regular intake of pills by women. And they often forget about it. By the way, after stopping taking pills, pregnancy occurs very quickly. And this must also be taken into account.

The individual method of contraception, the most suitable for you, will help to choose a gynecologist after the examination. Ask him and ask all the questions that interest you.

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